System radio Android collection

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Intent.ACTION_AIRPLANE_MODE_CHANGED;//Closed or open flight mode radio

Intent.ACTION_BATTERY_CHANGED;//The charge state, or the battery change

//The state of charge, battery charge level change, not through the formation of a statement to receive the broadcast, only through the Context.registerReceiver (register)

Intent.ACTION_BATTERY_LOW;//The battery is low

Intent.ACTION_BATTERY_OKAY;//The battery is sufficient, namely from the low battery to full will be issued when the broadcast

Intent.ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED;//At system startup is completed, this action is broadcast time (only once).

Intent.ACTION_CAMERA_BUTTON;//Press the photo shooting keys (hardware buttons) is issued when the broadcast

Intent.ACTION_CLOSE_SYSTEM_DIALOGS;//When the screen timeout for the lock screen, when users press the power button, press long or short press (whether or not jump out the box), are the lock screen, Android will broadcast this message Action

Intent.ACTION_CONFIGURATION_CHANGED;//A device is currently set to be changed when the broadcast (includes change: interface language, equipment, etc., please refer to the

Intent.ACTION_DATE_CHANGED;//Sets the date change will be issued when the broadcast

Intent.ACTION_DEVICE_STORAGE_LOW;//A device memory broadcast, the broadcast can only be used by the system is not available, other APP?

Intent.ACTION_DEVICE_STORAGE_OK;//A memory from the lack of adequate equipment to broadcast, the broadcast can only be used by the system is not available, other APP?

Intent.ACTION_DOCK_EVENT;//Send this broadcast local frameworks\base\services\java\com\android\server\

Intent.ACTION_EXTERNAL_APPLICATIONS_AVAILABLE;////After the completion of a mobile APP, broadcasting (mobile refers to: APP2SD)

Intent.ACTION_EXTERNAL_APPLICATIONS_UNAVAILABLE;//In mobile APP, issued by the broadcasting (mobile refers to: APP2SD)

Intent.ACTION_GTALK_SERVICE_CONNECTED;//Gtalk has established a radio connection

Intent.ACTION_GTALK_SERVICE_DISCONNECTED;//Gtalk has been disconnected from the radio

Intent.ACTION_HEADSET_PLUG;//The insert earphone headphone port on the issue in the broadcast

Intent.ACTION_INPUT_METHOD_CHANGED;//A change in input method of broadcasting

Intent.ACTION_LOCALE_CHANGED;//A device current regional settings have been changed when the broadcast


Intent.ACTION_MEDIA_BAD_REMOVAL;//Not properly removed SD card (method: correctly removes SD card set --SD card and device memory -- unloading SD card), but has put out a broadcast SD / broadcast: extended medium (card) from the SD card slot pull out, but the mount point (mount point) is not removed (unmount)

Intent.ACTION_MEDIA_BUTTON;//Press " Media Button" a radio button, if there is " Media Button" key words (hardware buttons)

Intent.ACTION_MEDIA_CHECKING;//Insert the external storage device, such as an SD card, SD card system test, this time sends out the radio?

Intent.ACTION_MEDIA_EJECT;//Have been pulled out of the external mass storage devices (such as SD card, a radio or mobile hard disk), regardless of the correct uninstall will send this broadcast? // broadcast: users want to remove propagation medium (unplug the expansion card).

//Insert the SD card and have been properly installed (recognition) is issued when the broadcast
//Broadcast: extended medium is inserted, but has been mounting.


//External storage device has been removed, no matter whether the right unloading, will be issued this broadcast?
// Broadcast: extended medium was removed.

//Broadcast: has scanned a directory medium


//Broadcast: start a directory scan medium

// Broadcast: extended medium mount is released (unmount), because it has a USB mass storage to be shared.


// Broadcast: extended medium exists, but has not been to mount (mount).


//After installing APK success
//Broadcast: equipment to install a new application package.
//A new application package is installed on the device, the data include the package name (package newly installed cannot receive the broadcast)

//An application of existing package has been changed, including the package name

//Clear an application data broadcast (in the settings, application management, select an application, after the removal of data points?)
//The user has to clear a packet of data, including the package name (clear package cannot receive the broadcast)

//Trigger a download and complete the installation of a broadcast, such as downloading application in electronic market?

//Successful delete radio issued after a APK
//An existing application package has been removed from the equipment, including the package name (package is being installed cannot receive the broadcast)

//Replacing a broadcast packages available when installed APP (no matter now than before the new or old, will be issued this broadcast? )

//The user to restart a package, all processes packets will be killed, all associated with the running time should be removed, including the package name (start package cannot receive the broadcast)

//A plug in external power radio

//Disconnect external power connection is issued when the broadcast


//Reboot the device when the broadcast

//When the screen is off the radio

//When the screen is open broadcast

//A closed system of broadcasting

//A time zone change broadcast

//A time is set when the broadcast

//Broadcast: the current time has changed (normal time).
//At present time, every minute to send, not to receive through the component declaration, only through the Context.registerReceiver () method to register

Intent.ACTION_UID_REMOVED;//Have a user ID from the system in a removal of the broadcast

Intent.ACTION_UMS_CONNECTED;//The equipment has entered the USB large capacity storage state when the broadcast?

Intent.ACTION_UMS_DISCONNECTED;//USB large capacity storage device from a state to a normal state radio?


Intent.ACTION_WALLPAPER_CHANGED;//A device have been changed when the broadcast
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