The nginx compiler parameter details (operation to see)

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The nginx parameter:
–Prefix= refers to the installation directory
–Sbin-path points (Executive) program files(nginx)
–Conf-path= point to the configuration file(nginx.conf)
–Error-log-path= refers to the error log directory
–Pid-path= to the PID file(
–Lock-path= to the lock file (nginx.lock) (installation file locking, prevent the installation files used by others, or their own mistake operation. )
–User= specifies the non privileged users when running
–Group= specifies the non privileged users when running
–Builddir= to compile directory
–Enable rtsig module supports with-rtsig_module (real time signal)
–Enable select module supports with-select_module (a polling mode, is not recommended in high load condition) disable: –without-select_module
–Enable poll module supports with-poll_module (function similar to select and select, and the same characteristics, a polling mode, is not recommended in high load condition)
–Enable file AIO with-file-aio support (a APL file transfer type)
–With-ipv6 IPv6 support is enabled
–With-http_ssl_module ngx_http_ssl_module support is enabled (enable support for HTTPS requests, need to have OpenSSL installed)
–With-http_realip_module ngx_http_realip_module support is enabled (this module allows the request header to change the IP address of the client, value default is off)
–With-http_addition_module ngx_http_addition_module support is enabled (as an output filter, supporting incomplete buffer, in part in response to the request)
–With-http_xslt_module ngx_http_xslt_module support is enabled (filtering conversion XML request)
–With-http_image_filter_module ngx_http_image_filter_module support is enabled (a filter transmission JPEG/GIF/PNG images) (the default is not enabled. The GD library to use)
–With-http_geoip_module ngx_http_geoip_module support is enabled (the module is created with MaxMind GeoIP binary files to match the client IP address based on ngx_http_geoip_module variable)
–With-http_sub_module ngx_http_sub_module support is enabled (allowed to replace some text in the nginx response with some other text)
–With-http_dav_module ngx_http_dav_module support is enabled (increased PUT, DELETE, MKCOL: creating a collection, COPY and MOVE) by default to off, need to compile the opening
–With-http_flv_module ngx_http_flv_module support is enabled (provide for memory use offset file based on time)
–With-http_gzip_static_module ngx_http_gzip_static_module support is enabled (online real-time compression output data stream)
–With-http_random_index_module ngx_http_random_index_module support is enabled (from the directory randomly pick a directory index)
–With-http_secure_link_module ngx_http_secure_link_module support is enabled (the calculation and examination requirements for safety link)
–With-http_degradation_module ngx_http_degradation_module support is enabled (allowed to return 204 or 444 yards in low memory situations)
–With-http_stub_status_module ngx_http_stub_status_module support is enabled (nginx since the last since the start working condition)
–Without-http_charset_module disabled ngx_http_charset_module support (re encoding of web pages, but only in one direction - the server end to the client, and only one byte encodings can be re encoding)
–Without-http_gzip_module disabled ngx_http_gzip_module support (the module with the -with-http_gzip_static_module function)
–Without-http_ssi_module disabled ngx_http_ssi_module support (the module provides a processing server that contains the file at the input (SSI) filter, the list of supported SSI command is not complete)
–Without-http_userid_module disabled ngx_http_userid_module support (the module is used to process used to identify client subsequent requests to cookies)
–Without-http_access_module disabled ngx_http_access_module support (the module provides a host of access control based on the simple. Allow / deny based on IP address)
–Without-http_auth_basic_module disables the ngx_http_auth_basic_module (the module can use the username and password authentication method based on HTTP to protect your site or part of it)
–Without-http_autoindex_module disables the disable ngx_http_autoindex_module support (the module is used to automatically generate the directory list, request issued only in the ngx_http_index_module module not found the index file. )
–Without-http_geo_module disabled ngx_http_geo_module support (to create some variables, the value depend on the client IP address)
–Without-http_map_module disabled ngx_http_map_module support (/value use arbitrary to set configuration variables)
–Without-http_split_clients_module disabled ngx_http_split_clients_module support (the module is used to partition users based on certain conditions. Conditions such as: the IP address, header, cookies etc.)
–Without-http_referer_module disables the disable ngx_http_referer_module support (the module is used to filter the request, refused to header Referervalue incorrect request)
–Without-http_rewrite_module disabled ngx_http_rewrite_module support (the module allows to change URI using regular expressions, and steering according to variables and select configuration. If this option is set at the server level, then they will take effect before location. If the location there are further rewrite rules, location rules will still be executed. If the URI rewriting is because the location part of the rules, then location will be executed again as the new URI. This cycle will be executed 10 times, then the Nginx will return a 500 error. )
–Without-http_proxy_module disabled ngx_http_proxy_module support (the proxy server)
–Without-http_fastcgi_module disabled ngx_http_fastcgi_module support (the module allows Nginx and FastCGI process interaction, and to control the FastCGI process work. By passing parameters) CGI FastCGI as a resident type.
–Without-http_uwsgi_module disabled ngx_http_uwsgi_module support (the module is used for medical uwsgi protocol, uWSGI server)
–Without-http_scgi_module disabled ngx_http_scgi_module support (the module is used to enable the SCGI protocol, SCGI protocol is an alternative to CGI protocol. It is a kind of application program and HTTP service interface standard. It is somewhat like the FastCGI but his design is more easily achieved. )
–Without-http_memcached_module disabled ngx_http_memcached_module support (the module is used to provide simple cache, in order to improve the efficiency of the system)
-without-http_limit_zone_module disabled ngx_http_limit_zone_module support (the module according to the conditions of the session, the number of concurrent connections control)
–Without-http_limit_req_module disabled ngx_http_limit_req_module support (the module allows you to an address request number of restrictions on the use of a given session or a specific event)
–Without-http_empty_gif_module disabled ngx_http_empty_gif_module support (the module in the memory resident transparent GIF images, a 1*1 can be very fast call)
–Without-http_browser_module disabled ngx_http_browser_module support (the module is used to create depends on the request headervalue. If the browser is modern, then $modern_browser is equal to modern_browser_value instruction distribution; value if the browser is old, then $ancient_browser is equal to ancient_browser_value instruction distribution; value if the browser is any versions of MSIE, $msie = 1)
–Without-http_upstream_ip_hash_module disabled ngx_http_upstream_ip_hash_module support (the module is used for simple load balancing)
–With-http_perl_module ngx_http_perl_module support is enabled (the module so that nginx can directly use Perl or SSI call through Perl)
–With-perl_modules_path= Perl module is set path
–Set the with-perl= Perl library file path
–Set the access log path http-log-path=
–Set the http-client-body-temp-path= HTTP client requests a temporary file path
–Set the http-proxy-temp-path= HTTP agent temporary file path
–Http-fastcgi-temp-path= set HTTP fastcgi temporary files path
–Http-uwsgi-temp-path= set http uwsgi temporary files path
–Http-scgi-temp-path= set http SCGI temporary files path
-without-http disables the HTTP server function
–Without-http-cache disables the HTTP cache function
–Enable POP3/IMAP4/SMTP agent module supports with-mail
–With-mail_ssl_module ngx_mail_ssl_module support is enabled
–Without-mail_pop3_module disables the POP3 protocol (POP3 post office protocol version third, it is specified how the PC connected to the Internet mail server to send and receive mail protocol. Is the first offline Protocol Internet e-mail standards, POP3 protocol allows users from the server send mail stored on the local host, at the same time according to the client's operations to remove or preserved in email messages on the server. POP3 TCP/IP protocol is a member of the family, mainly used to support the remote client management in use on the server e-mail)
–Without-mail_imap_module disables the IMAP protocol (a mail access protocol. Its main role is to email client can get mail from the mail server by this protocol information, Download mail etc.. IMAP protocol running on the TCP/IP protocol, the use of the port is 143. The main difference between this and the POP3 protocol is that the user can not put all the mail all downloads, the client can directly operate on messages on the server. )
–Without-mail_smtp_module disables the SMTP protocol (SMTP simple mail transfer protocol, which is a group from the source address to a destination address for mail delivery rules, by which to control the letters of transit way. SMTP protocol belongs to the TCP/IP protocol, it helps each computer to find the next destination in sending or interim letters. )
–With-google_perftools_module ngx_google_perftools_module support is enabled (for debugging, performance bottleneck analysis program)
–With-cpp_test_module ngx_cpp_test_module support is enabled
–Add-module= enable external module support
–With-cc= refers to the C compiler path
–With-cpp= refers to the C pretreatment path
–With-cc-opt= sets the C compiler parameters (PCRE library, need to specify the "/usr/local/include" - with-cc-opt= -I, if you use the select () function must also increase the number of file descriptors, through "-D FD_SETSIZE=2048" – with-cc- opt= specified. )
–With-ld-opt= connection settings file parameters. (PCRE library, need to specify–with-ld-opt="-L /usr/local/lib". )
–With-cpu-opt= specifies the compiler of CPU, available value: Pentium, pentiumpro, pentium3, pentium4, athlon, opteron, amd64, sparc32, sparc64, ppc64
–Without-pcre disables the PCRE Library
–With-pcre enabled PCRE Library
–With-pcre= refers to the PCRE library file directory
–With-pcre-opt= additional parameters to the PCRE library at compile time.
–With-md5= refers to the MD5 library file directory (message digest algorithm version fifth, to protect the integrity of the source)
–With-md5-opt= additional parameters to the MD5 library at compile time.
–With-md5-asm uses the MD5 compilation of source
–With-sha1= points to a SHA1 Library Directory (digital signature algorithm, mainly used for digital signature)
–With-sha1-opt= additional parameters to the SHA1 library at compile time.
–With-sha1-asm uses the SHA1 compilation of source
–With-zlib= points to a zlib library catalogue
–With-zlib-opt= additional parameters for zlib at compile time.
–With-zlib-asm= for the specified CPU using the zlib assembler source optimization, CPU type Pentium, pentiumpro
–With-libatomic implementation for atomic memory update operations to provide a framework
–With-libatomic= point to the libatomic_ops installation directory
–With-openssl= point to the OpenSSL installation directory
–With-openssl-opt additional parameters for OpenSSL at compile time.
–With-debug enabled debug log
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