VS rapid positioning, plug-in file code -- DPack

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Before using Myeclipse Java development of a project, found the “ Open Resource” (Ctrl+Shirft+R) the function is good, return to the.Net after looking for VS the corresponding function, think Dpack better to try several, to share to everyone.

Each version of vs has a corresponding version, 20102012 continue to update.

The main use of the function:

1 locating files:

“Alt+R”, The input file name lookup files in real time.

First discovery cannot be found in the.Js file, in the “ → “ ” DPack” → “ ” Options... Set on it:

The 2 code positioning function:

Alt+G  All elements

Alt+M  All methods

Alt+C  All the class / interface

Shift+Alt+P  All attributes

Shift+Alt+E  All events

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Posted by Ada at November 17, 2013 - 10:43 PM