The understanding of the four CSS pseudo class style a Tags

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CSS pseudo class is used to add special effects to certain selector.

The a tag has four:


Not to a label link: link

Moved to the a tag links: link,hover

Click the a tab link: link,hober,active

Click No to a label connection: link,visited

Click to a label connection: link,visited,hover

Click again and click the a tab connected: link,visited,hover,active

This is all the combinations of style.

If there is more than one same style, the style will overwrite the previous style, so the four definitions of pseudo class have the order requirements,

And they say ‘ lvha’ also for this reason.

Be careful:

Chrome and Firefox CSS monitoring does not show all styles, some display is not complete (a label the four pseudo class)

But IE is still a little problem, but mostly the same.

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Posted by Nathan at November 16, 2013 - 5:00 PM