Summary: 4, synchronization of Oracle based on Logminer data

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The recent development of Oracle data synchronization function, to do some investigation and verification, there was a time when this work, if a long time to forget, so share it with the blog. In this series of CPC to write three articles, the first is to write LogMiner configuration and use, second is the LogMiner log file is read performance, test the feasibility, third is the use of LogMiner for data synchronization Demo, read through the LogMiner online / archive log files in the source database in the Demo, and then executed on the target database on the.

The following three articles PDF file:

1, The 1.OracleLogminer configuration using the.Pdf

2, The performance test of 2.OracleLogminer.Pdf

3, 3 using OracleLogminer Demo.pdf

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Posted by Tobias at November 26, 2013 - 2:34 PM