Analysis of internal C# testing framework

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Get an internal write C# testing framework. Record the following problems, and the corresponding solutions.

1 because it is offline code, and the test framework is actually in the corresponding TFS with version control. If the client is a read operation, when you open a solution is not TFS Server

The 2 TestCommon is to store the entire framework all referenced, so if TestCommon build but other nor build through. This is an experience.

3 in the process of build according to the error message to view the lack of those namespace, we need to use ” Add Reference” add the corresponding DLL file. The realization of these DLL files including the use of namespace and specific class.

4 in general we can in the ” Reference Manager” search COM below the required libraries direct quotes, but if own do not lack system. You need to install the ToolBox search inside. The need to Mita and Maui, we need to download and install…

5 Assembly generally refers to the DLL file.

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Posted by Hugo at November 15, 2013 - 1:18 PM