Eclipse add fonts

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Today just Bo because every time I search to technical articles, good in it, so it is convenient to open a bo. Ha-ha.

Read by the way of programming with the font but rookie I this is not installed. After I tried to find it.

Step 1: download the font file.

         2 unpacked file (this, will you)

         3 open the unzip the file find Roman file, open, and then you will see 7 files.

         4 to open C:\WINDOWS\Fonts this is the system font file.

     5 the third step to open the 7 files for each file in the font.ttf file directly onto the fourth open file, the font will be installed automatically

         In order to open the Window--> 6.eclipse; Preferences--> General--> appearance--> Colors and Fonts--> Basic--> Text Font --> double click on the Text Font then will see the system font bar


         7 you just installed font name (you can also hold other).


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Posted by Spencer at November 15, 2013 - 7:42 AM