Chrome plug-in -- a save webpage for PDF1.0 Publishing

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The latest version of: V1.1

Download address:

Release time: 2013-7-8

The version number:

Updated content:

1,To increase the detection update function, install the version of chrome plug-ins and conversion procedures can be automatically updated!

2,The new conversion component pdfcrowd2, and the default conversion component is modified as pdfcrowd2 (watermark in the bottom of the page, less influence on reading).

Update: 1, please manually from the conversion program to install a new version before update; 2, visit the chrome://extensions/ delete the old version of the plugin and reinstall,

My friends to see a good article on the webpage, hope to survive. In what way.?

1,Add to Favorites

Disadvantages: no network cannot be read again, if the webpage is removed, it is hard to find.

2,Right click the — — save as — — select the save path — — determination

Disadvantages: steps more


Disadvantages: picture is unable to copy text

4,Google browser CTRL+P, virtual printer PDF; save as PDF plugin

Disadvantages: steps more

If you're like me, hope there is a need only click of the mouse a webpage can be preserved, so have a look my:

Save webpage for PDF "1.0.0 version

(Requires.NET 3.5 support, if your program does not start, please make sure that you install.NET 3.5. The WIN7 comes with 3.5, XP friends to download the WIN8 go to the control panel, which enable it. )

Download address:

Download and install, in accordance with the help window prompts to install the Google browser plug-in

No browser download Google: Google browser

Because it is written for plug-in, did not want to submit chrome plugin centre, installed a little trouble spots.

But we all engage in IT, this should be no difficulty.?

Google browser: chrome://extensions/

Then drag the browser plug-in, will be prompted to install the.

With a program.:

If you like the plug-in, remember to share with friends.

Any comments or suggestions, please email to me: .

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Posted by Annie at November 15, 2013 - 2:18 PM