ApexSQL Log-SQL operation error recovery tool

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Today accidentally on the database performs a misoperation, thought there is no tool can restore the mistake? He found the Log Explorer 4.2, but it only supports up to SQL 2005, in SQL 2008 cannot be used, and then find the ApexSQL Log, the latest version of the maximum support SQL 2008 and SQL 2012, the trial version can provide the function of unrestricted free 14 day trial period, it is the powerful function

Download, download the official address:

The installation is complete, open the main interface:


Related information into the database and then click“Open”:

Click“Evaluate Product”:

Table lists before operation, during operation error line click the right mouse button will appear a lot of menu, “ Create Undo Script” is to create a recovery scripts:

Generate the script execution can be recovered after operation

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Posted by Deborah at November 25, 2013 - 7:19 AM