A few points on the static page caching summary

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The 1 page list atomic operation

We use the nginx proxy cache, each only purge (expired) a page.
Find pages, hot, if not purge at the same time, there will be new old alternant moment. No active expiration higher probability.

Read the nginx proxy cache code, know the rules of hash, delete the file. Can be achieved using the nginx plugin.

What 2 cache
As a large number of users, the album pages, if the cache is costly, whether the caching only home. The caching only the first page.

3 cache expiration problem
Passive expiration: cache time comes, will get the new data. For an unknown for.
Active expiration: modified, notify the page cache cleaning.
The voice of the user, album list, the album sounds list, find the list of pages
User: the user to modify its properties, the new sounds, new album.
Album: the user to modify the album, issued a new voice

4 see who cache
Users do not have to look at your own page cache
The user cache when watching other people page

5 the cached version
The client has multiple versions, the different data structures may return different versions. Version in URL.

6 common parameters
Each client is different is: uid token device_id, not on the URL, it is modified in the cookie.
Device scale and other public parameters in URL.


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Posted by Johnny at January 27, 2014 - 8:30 AM