IOS major new vulnerabilities: bypasses Apple audit mechanism

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iOS Is currently the most mobile platform is safe and reliable, but since the software would not carry all before one. Georgia technology center of information security (Georgia  Tech  Information  Security  Center) researchers recently claimed, they recently discovered   iOS  major loopholes.


The agency said in a report, this vulnerability is likely to become the current   iOS  “ primary threat &rdquo system needs to face, it can; in the user difficult to detect abnormal situations, through some seemingly harmless application install malicious software. It is reported, using audit mechanism the vulnerability can help an attacker to allow malicious software to bypass apple, mounted directly on the   iOS  device. In theory, the third party using social network is the carrier of the most ideal.

In order to prove his claim, the team also introduced a   Jekyll  conceptual means of attack, they are described as: “ Jekyll  allow malicious applications of hidden is not Apple audit findings, of course also can be obtained by. ” Jekyll  various attack methods to achieve diversity, as by tweeting, take pictures, send email and text messages, it even can attack other applications.

Fortunately, Georgia Technology Information Security Center noted that apple is trying to solve the above problem. In addition, iOS  7  has been completely repair the vulnerability.

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Posted by Diana at November 24, 2013 - 4:16 AM