Eclipse background color and font settings

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1.eclipse sets the background color:

1, Open the window / Preference, pop Preference panel

 2, Expand the General tag, the Editors option is selected, expansion.

 3, Select the Text Editors TestEditors, on the right panel. There is an option in the Appearance color panel: options; which is a variety of plate color settings, one of which is background color, off System Default, click on the 'color', the pop-up color selection panel, select the favorite color, click OK.

You can also cancel the System default is set to RGB (204232207): #cce8cf. background color is light green, the most suitable for reading.

4, Returns the Test Editors, click Apply.

2 font size setting:

The menu windows> Prefenrence> General Appearance> Colors and Fonts on the right side of the menu select Java> Java Editor Text Font

Similar to eclipse's other language is so arranged, just replace JAVA corresponding to.

3, The Xml file size adjustment:

window / preferences / General / appearance / colors and fonts / Basic /  "Text font " , Then click on the Edit, you can set the font size.


Supplement two of common sense:

The windows are set into the green

Right click on the desktop, select properties (properties) - appearance(appearance)

At the bottom right corner of the senior (Advanced), and then in the project (items) drop-down menu selection window (Windows) > > > > point the drop-down menu to the right color (color), points below the other(others)

The tone is set to 85 (Hue), saturation (Sat) set to 90-123, the brightness (Lum) set to 205 (factory general set to 160-0-240)

Click Add to custom colors (Add to custom colors), press OK (OK)...... Have been identified (OK).

The IE Webpage background set to green

To open IE, click Tools (TOOLS) - Internet option (INTERNET OPTIONS) - auxiliary function (Assessibility), check the first "does not use the specified color Webpage" (ignore colors specified on Web pages), and then click "OK" (OK) -- determination...... Sign out.

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