The release of RTC 6.25

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RealThinClient SDK v6.25

* Changes in v6.25

1) TRtcGateway, TRtcHttpGateClient and TRtcGateClientLink components added.

   * TRtcGateway component provides a new "Gateway" implementation, which allows
     thousands of Clients using TRtcHttpGateClient components to communicate "directly".
     The only requirement for a Client to send messages to another Client is to know
     the UserID of the receiving Client. Clients can also form their own Groups of
     Clients and dispatch messages to the whole Group, while sending data to the
     Gateway only once. Notifications are sent from the Gateway when a Client joins or
     leaves a group. All clients are automatically removed from other Clients groups
     if they lose connection to the Gateway, with notifications sent to active Clients.
     Events can be used on the Gateway for custom user authentication and group management.
     For example, Gateway can check user credentials on login (see "BeforeLoginEvent")
     and notify Clients when other Clients become available or unavailable
     (check "OnUserReady" and "OnUserNotReady" events). Because Clients only need
     the UserID of another Client for direct communication, any data other than
     the UserID can easily be exchanged between Clients directly, after receiving the
     "UserJoined" or "JoinedUser" notification from the Gateway.

   * TRtcHttpGateClient component implements Client-side communication for sending
     and receiving messages from other Clients connected to the same Gateway.

   * One or more TRtcGateClientLink components can be attached to a
     TRtcHttpGateClient component to separate your code into different modules.

2) New "rtcSDK_Gate" package introduced for registration of Gateway-related components.
   Check the "RTC Gate" tab in the component palette after component registration.

3) "SDKDemos_VCL_Gate" Project Group added with 2 Projects,
   which can be used for testing the new Gateway-related components:

   * RTC_Gateway\RtcSimpleGateway.dpr is a simple Server using a TRtcGateway component.

   * RTC_Gateway\RtcGateTestClient.dpr is a simple Gate Client for testing basic
     Gateway functionality. It can use UDP for dispatching messages to local Clients
     and link them to work as a group, so that multiple instances can be started
     and controlled at the same time to simplify stress-testing.

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Posted by Hebe at December 12, 2013 - 8:32 AM