Under Linux/Kubuntu/Ubuntu installed fonts

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1>Get the font file *.ttf

Simfang.ttf imitation song

Simhei.ttf black

Simkai.ttf script

Simsun.ttf Arial and Arial, the original file name simsun.ttc

Tahoma.ttf Tahoma font

Tahomabd.ttf Tahoma font bold form

Verdana.ttf Verdana font

Verdanab.ttf Verdana font bold form

Verdanai.ttf Verdana font italics

Verdanaz.ttf Verdana font bold + Italic


1)Copy fonts directory to the /usr/share/fonts. Recommend this approach

sudo cp yourfontsdir /usr/share/fonts

cd /usr/share/fonts/yourfontsdir

2)Create directory link in /usr/share/fonts. Do not recommend this approach

cd /usr/share/fonts

sudo ln -s /home/fwolf/tools/fonts yourfontsdir

cd yourfontsdir

3>Font index information

sudo mkfontscale

sudo mkfontdir

4>Update font cache:


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Posted by Erica at December 11, 2013 - 6:24 AM