(1): about Mysql bit by bit

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A, reference:

Mysql must know will be

Introduction to database system

Two, basic knowledge database review

1, Data (data): objects stored in the database, describing things with record.

2, Database (database, referred to as DB): the storage of data warehouse.

Features: (1), data structure; (2), data sharing, redundancy is low, easy to expand, (3), high independence, (4), the unified management by the DBMS.

3, Database management system (DataBase Management System, referred to as DBMS)

Data management software, a nature and operating system.

DBMS can be divided into two categories:

(1), File sharing operating system based on DBMS, such as MS Access

(2), Client server based on DBMS, such as Mysql, SQLserver, Oracle.


4, The primary key (primary key): a column, its value can distinguish each row in the table. Note, that has a primary key for each table, try not to change the primary key.

5, SQL(Structured Query Language):Dedicated to the communication with the database language.

Three, the introduction of Mysql

First, personally feel that the advantages of Mysql:

A free, open source

Good performance

Environment is simple, easy to start

Portability, cross platform.


In processing large data with some difficulty

1, Mysql version

I now use the Mysql5.0, I didn't actually pay attention to the Mysql version, this illustrates the point, I did not pay attention to the future of Mysql, ah ha ha ha.

The following view version method:

(1), mysql> status;


(2), select version();


2, Mysql tools

(1), The command line

Such as open Mysql in Window:


The Mysql path (mysql.exe) +’ -u root – p’ can. Such as: C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\bin\mysql -u root –p

This book is MySQL -u root -p can open mysql, but this is under the Linux command, but the windows is not the same,

Start, stop Mysql:



Note: the command line

After the command input in mysql>

;Or \g at the end, only according to the Enter will not execute the command

Enter the help or \h to get help

Enter the quit or exit from the command line

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