Open video conference system: the OpenMeetings installation method

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OpenMeetings is a multilingual customizable video conferencing and collaboration system. Said OpenMeetings should mention red5 because OpenMeetings video service is loaded on the red5. Red5 JAVA is a free open source Flash streaming media based on server. is the best alternative to Adobe provides the FMS open source software. But in scalability, FMS incomparable advantages. OpenMeetings is an open source video software based on Flex development, through the RTMP and HTTP protocol for transmitting video data. Support online chat, video, file sharing, desktop sharing. Multi language support.

OpenMeetings simple installation steps:

Note: to install and configure Java environment, JRE 6.

1 OpenMeetings use the default ApacheDerby database, also can choose MySQL, Postgres, IBM, DB2, Oracle, or MSSQL.

2 allows import picture files to the whiteboard

Install ImageMagick .

3 is allowed to import the PDF file to the whiteboard

Install GhostScript.

Install SWFTools.

4 allowed into.Doc,.Docx,.Ppt,.Pptx,..., Office document to the whiteboard

Install JODConverter.

Install OpenOffice or LibreOffice.

5 allows the introduction (and recorded).Avi,.Flv,.Mov and.Mp4 files

Install FFMpeg (including libmp3lame and libx264).

Install SoX.

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Posted by Norman at November 30, 2013 - 7:15 AM