30 common reaction [code farmer met Bug.]

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Abstract: for programmers, see Bug than to see what is sad, some people see the Bug will become dejected and despondent, and some programmers are very calm, calm face, carefully study the Bug, and solved step by step.
Application development is a stressful activity, especially when the write code, suddenly a Bug, it is to let people have mixed feelings, hardly wished to live. So, how to solve each Bug keep calm, is each programmer to practice.
The following paper will share the programmer met Bug, most often say 30 words, don't know you got shot not?

1 I don't know what to delete or overwrite.

2 before starting the project, I should be in Github for there is no suitable framework

3 why this script will need such a reservoir?

4 on the Internet can certainly find a solution.

5 have the function of plug-in.

The 6.Web project, do not know IE support.

7 from the logic, which in itself is not logical.

8 I spent 30 minutes to write a function, 2 hours to make it work.

9 after reading a few blog post, I realized that what is wrong.

10 in the Stack Overflow will somebody help me.

11 that is missing right parenthesis.

12 to start with a cup of Coffee, leaving the display, break the normal procedure.

13 to put back processing.

Whether the 14 classical music can stimulate my programming skills.

15 now is the best time to peak Ballmer theory test.

16 had someone with my source?

17 I do not know what it means?

18 directly to the Google error.

The 19 day today, but I really want to know.

20 Oh, oh! Why I did not add any comments.

The 21.20 minute work.

The 22 is a semicolon to blame.

23 If you find people to repair, do not know how much to spend?

24 quick browsing of Hack News to improve my productivity.

25 the API didn't document.

26 I wish in the database to the data backup.

27 let this work the fastest solution is what?

28 I bet, update can solve this problem.

29 I will re learning Git code, but have to wait until next week.

30 well, begin anew.

My friends, you encounter a Bug will say what? You got a few ah, might as well and we share oh.


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Posted by Prescott at January 21, 2014 - 9:31 PM