[reproduced] in 2012 seven free ASP space sharing - support ASP, ASP.NET space

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This article summarizes the free ASP space originally the title has been drawn up: the 2012 ten ASP free space to share, but when I write down the title when they feel some wrong, because at least so far can be called “ ” ASP is considerably less space, can be used for a long time, stable and easy to use free ASP almost no.

So I put the title changed to “ ten free ASP space ” and prepare the list I have previously written about ASP space of the article, the problem came out, I found ransacked the whole tribe of &ldquo numerous hills and streams; ”, also did not find the complete ten still available free ASP space, wood way, I had to change the title of the 7 free ASP space sharing.

Because the tribe introduced before the ASP space but are still available for only 7. The free ASP space can use &ldquo ” rare; these two words to describe, but on the contrary it, like many friends still have certain requirements for ASP space, often a friend asked me if I could introduce some ASP space to use.

So this article tribal shows several available free ASP space, give you a reference. As for the PHP space and free cloud space summary, you can enter the following article view:

In 2012 eight free ASP space sharing - support ASP, ASP.NET space

A 2012, free ASP space to share the first: Windows Azure space

1,Windows Azure of space by Microsoft products, quality can not be, strictly speaking, Windows Azure is a versatile space: ASP, PHP and other languages support, VPS can also create for free, free to customize the memory, spatial capacity etc.

2,Note: the Windows Azure only 90 day trial, credit card verification at the time of registration, if use TenPay American Express card verification will freeze , certainly does not have the actual cost. May be the Microsoft found that more and more Chinese people to apply for, you will fail when creating the VPS case.

3,Windows Azure tutorial:

In 2012 two, ASP free space to share second: Appharbor space

1,Appharbor is a cloud of space, the use of a relatively high degree of difficulty, so do not recommend the initial contact with the space of a friend to use. Appharbor supports automated unit testing, deployment and management of 15 seconds, Git, if you are Bitbucket, CodePlex, GitHub space deployed their own code.

2,You can directly add the cloud platform repository, copy the code to run in Appharbor platform. Appharbor also provides a wide variety of applications, many applications such as 20M MysqL, 20M SQL Server database can be used freely.

3,Appharbor tutorials:

In 2012 three, ASP free space to share third: Somee space

1,Somee is the United States a few to provide Windows host and VPS as the host, the host has set up nearly two years, free ASP.NET space is always stable running, now everybody can apply for, just space in the domestic access is not good.

2,After the tribe tribal areas will be testing cannot access the Somee space, Somee space to support ASP, ASP.Net 1.1/2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5, space capacity is 150MB, monthly flow, 5GB 15MB MSSQL2005/2008R2/2012, support binding domain name and FTP management documents.

3,Somee space related tutorials:

In 2012 four, ASP free space to share fourth: Aspspider space

1,Aspspider is a space veteran free ASP space services, support ASP.NET 2, the database is SQL Server 2005 Express and MS Access, the current space capacity is 100MB, monthly flow of 2GB, you can bind your own domain name.

2,Aspspider space related tutorials:

In 2012 five, ASP free space to share fifth: 7host space

1,7host.com should be a universal space, support for ASP 3, ASP.NET, PHP, free space size is only 30MB, database DB MS Access or MySQL, flow seems to have no limit, valid without restriction, I created in 2010 August, can now also use.

2,ASP space free support for ASP 3, ASP.NET, PHP, DB Access and MySQL MS database support, a control panel of independent, also can bind your own domain name, Aspspider offers a free two level domain. The size of only 50MB, although FTP support, but there are still limited to this kind of advertising, it as a test for the space. The tutorials are:

In 2012 six, ASP free space to share sixth: Brinkster space

1,Brinkster space is a very long time free ASP space, tribal placed on top of the demonstration is still intact. Space size is 30MB, monthly flow is 2GB, support ASP 3 / ASP.NET/MS Access database, no ads. Cannot bind domain name, but provides free two level domain.

2,Brinkster space related tutorials:

In 2012 seven, ASP free space to share seventh: Jabry space

1,Jabry space is a very stable ASP space, space capacity now has 1GB, no advertising unlimited monthly flow, there are online, file manager, also support FTP, support MS Access database, application instant activation.

2,Jabry space related tutorials:

Write a summary in the free ASP space.

1,This article is the summary of tribal 2012 free space at the end of the first half of the article, written before the Spring Festival, after half part was written after the spring festival. After the toss, will finally be free ASP space summary.

2,In addition to the ASP space, the tribe also is devoted to the PHP space, and virtual host cloud space was classified: ten free space, ten virtual host cloud space, ten

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