Intelligent workflow save SAP License instance.

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  The SAP account is an account of the annual fee, the annual cost is about 5K-20K (the price is decided by the enterprise scale, scale is larger, more use of account, can get cheaper), is quite expensive. So most of the company, will take more than one account to log in with; but some involve price, cost sensitive, to solve cannot use public accounts. It may be that some users need only a few simple query function, but also had to separate open a SAP account; the cost is very high.

    Solution : establish an external system, by calling the SAP system Function, to realize the function (external system to control user access permissions). So it will save the purpose of License.

    Note: SAP Function  commonly known as the RFC, T-Code:SE37  development mode and normal ABAP no difference.

    Use the intelligent remote workflow, internal reserve called SAP interface, the user only need one line of code can be completed SAP Function calls. Not only can query the data in SAP, the data can be interact with SAP (add, modify, delete and so),

    Recently a customer, a series of query warehouse on the workflow software intelligent remote, warehouse users can use the flat on the forklift (prices in the Android Tablet around 1000) in workflow system, check at any time (WMS inventory, material requirements and issue work order, warehouse import transaction records, inventory). The use of the effect was very good, both to save License, but also solves the warehouse staff around, not good at any time to the condition of material.


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Posted by Kerwin at November 17, 2013 - 9:02 AM