Mobile hard disk win7 startup disk Creator

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Preparation: a mobile hard disk, a download of the win7 ISO, an available system, decompression software or virtual drive software


1, A partition, empty mobile hard disk type of primary partitions and set as the active (fat32 is the best; type, be run on Bootsect /nt60 x: /force /mbr, will offer tips. ),

2, Under the present system with decompression or virtual drives all the decompression or extract the files in the ISO file to the mobile hard disk partition (assuming X disk),

3, The "start - run - input CMD" [to run as Administrator]

4, Enforcement [description on the command line: X for you in extracting file partition number]

Commands are as follows [three commands.:


cd boot

Bootsect /nt60 x: /force /mbr

5, Restart the computer.

6, The machine has just started pay attention to how to enter to select the boot sequence (usually by ESC or F2 or F12, specific attention to the system prompts). Press the corresponding button to select the boot device interface.

Select the USB boot.

7, ok. Enter after the installation begins.

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Posted by Leander at December 29, 2013 - 12:14 PM