Recommend 25 excellent HTML5 development framework and tools [part]

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  HTML5 in different areas for webpage design more powerful. Fast, safe, responsive, interactive and beautiful, these advantages attract more developers to use Web HTML5. HTML5  there are many new features, allows developers and designers to create applications and web sites, to the user desktop application speed, performance and experience.

  This article summarized the 25 excellent HTML5 framework and development tools can help you development projects faster, easier.

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Sonic: HTML5 Loaders with an Editor

Sonic Is a small JavaScript, used to create HTML5 based on loading the image canvas. More powerful is to provide a ready-made example creation tools based on , can help you achieve more custom loading animation effects.

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Chart.js: Charting Library with HTML5 Canvas

Chart.js is an object-oriented JavaScript chart, use the HTML5 canvas achieve beautiful chart. It currently supports 6 chart type (line charts, bar charts, radar chart, pie chart, histogram and region).

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RazorFlow: Create Responsive & HTML5 Dashboards With PHP Framework

RazorFlow is a PHP framework, for fast, easy to create in the mobile devices and browsers on all the major response type HTML5 dashboard. Its working principle is simple, just need to insert a single PHP file to any application, feeding it with data, choose the type of output can be. It can be used in combination with MySQL and PostgreSQL or SQLite database.

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Zebra: Desktop-Like User Interface With HTML5 Canvas

Zebra is a JavaScript library, user interface components with rich you can create new, similar to desktop style layout. UI use the HTML5 element to create the canvas, has the same effect on modern browsers.

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Workless: HTML5-CSS3 Framework for Building Cross-Browsers Websites

Workless HTML5 & CSS3 framework, to easily build cross browser Web site, now included in web development are most frequently used.

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Native: HTML5 Mobile Apps Framework

Junior HTML5 is a framework for creating style, similar native mobile applications. Very easy to use, and a detailed help documentation and examples. It realizes the smooth animation using CSS3 transition, carousel slide and support, including the various UI components.

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Radi: Visual Design Application with HTML5 and Javascript

Radi Is a visual design application is great, it has built-in tools for creating and editing graphics (can also import) and use <canvas> elements generated animation.

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HTML5 Bones

HTML5 Bones: Boilerplate for HTML5-powered Websites

HTML5 Bones is a HTML5 website templates, including the need of things (normalize.css, html5shiv).

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Literally Canvas

Literally Canvas: HTML5 Drawing Widget

Literally Canvas Is a HTML5 open source components, it can be integrated into any page, users can online drawing. It is equipped with a set of simple tools, including drawing, erase, color picker, undo, redo, panning and zooming.

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Gauge.js: Animated Gauges With HTML5 Canvas

Gauge.js is a beautiful script, for the use of JavaScript in the HTML5 canvas (or CoffeeScript) to create animated pressure gauge.

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WYSIHTML5: Rich Text Editor With HTML5 Markup

WYSIHTML5 is a rich text editor is an open source, does not depend on any of the JavaScript framework, lightweight, fast. And it provides the main text editing features, including text style (bold, italics, lists, headings), insert images or links and text color.

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HTML5 Sortable

HTML5 Sortable Is a lightweight scheduling plug-ins, use native HTML5 drag and drop API to create a sorted list and grid.

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