Guangzhou Chuanzhi podcasts.Net training courses taught by the class instructor

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Guangzhou Chuanzhi podcasts.Net training courses taught by the class instructor

  Net programming language is the Microsoft Corp to develop the design, is Microsoft next generation platform, let people diversification, furthest from the website to get information, so as to realize the full potential of the Internet, set up the third generation Internet platform.

  In the talent "excess" era, learn a foreign technology is a good way of employment. Guangzhou Chuanzhi podcasts recommended.Net computer programming language. .Net development is divided into (b/s structure) and WinForm (c/s structure). C# is the development language, and Java language is same, all is the object-oriented development language.
  Guangzhou Chuanzhi podcasts is a dedicated high-quality software development talents of high-tech companies, relying on the China maximum programmer platform CSDN, the integration of many well-known domestic software enterprise resources, and invited to the Multi-National Corporation and the domestic large and medium-sized enterprise architect, systems analysts, corporate training division to form their own team. After several years of development many, has published dozens of books, teaching video hundreds, all published technical articles, hundreds of articles, has become Java,.Net, PHP, 3G/4G training industry leader, and began to have an impact China software education.  

  Guangzhou Chuanzhi podcasts.NET training, I believe we all know is Chinese most cattle. Guangzhou Chuanzhi podcasts have tough teacher: Microsoft a senior software engineer to teach, not all Kung Fu professor. Secondly, the exclusive Microsoft internal technical documents, took the lead on the.Net4.0 (WF, WCF, Linq). Thirdly, Chuanzhi PodcastsGuangzhou.NET trainingThe course has a real project: let you feel what is the real commercial project.

  Now Guangzhou Chuanzhi podcasts secret to create one year.Net training has been the introduction of foreign, and the cost is low. We all know that.Net training is more profits, Guangzhou Chuanzhi podcasts like the end of Java training to ending profits era that.Net training profits era, want to let each.Net programming enthusiasts can go on loving the software development industry. At present Guangzhou Chuanzhi podcasts.Net teacher is the teacher Yang Zhongke Microsoft Corp. For Yang Zhongke teacher, believe that most people have heard of the development community, in order to please the teacher left the Microsoft Yang Zhongke entered Guangzhou Chuanzhi podcasts, Chuanzhi podcasts high-level contact with teacher Yang after a year, ultimately rely on our corporate philosophy touched Miss Yang.

  Guangzhou Chuanzhi podcasts.NET training, Java training, Android training, IOS training, is a one-stop service, from school to employment by the school teacher, full service, as long as you study hard, master skills, graduation immediately entry high-tech enterprise is not a dream! Guangzhou Chuanzhi podcasts software school since its inception, has been for many young people can become high paying white-collar dream, and those that have IT industry in the years of professional, also to Guangzhou Chuanzhi podcasts.NET training center, hope that through training to improve their technical ability, and lay the foundation for future occupation development.
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Posted by Taylor at December 18, 2013 - 1:45 PM