IOS study notes (two) -- Hello iOS

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Write in front of iOS development environment to build, simply mention the installation of Xcode, here to add, click here to download the Xcode DMP file, wait a moment will be a (drag and drop Xcode to Applications) tips, drag and drop to Application, find the Xcode icon in the Finder application Xcode. Click on the Xcode chart, the next step to enter the development interface.

Figure 1 (drag and drop Xcode to Applications)



Install Xcode, first familiarize yourself with Xcode interface (this is a picture of the Internet to see):

From the above, the Xcode and the development of Windows Phone Visual Studio, Android Eclipse like, if it is to do iOS development should soon be able to turn over the familiar from two directions.

       Create a iOS project:

1 open XCode, select the File-> New Project, then select iOS-> Application-> Single View Application, then click Next, as shown below:

See from the figure, you can create 7 types of projects, and I am also a beginner, not one one tell their differences, etc. familiar with added.


2 fill in the application of information

Product Name: the name of the project,

Organization Name: The organization name, generally displays the computer name,

Company Identifier: logo, to enter a unique label can, can also modify the unity in the project,

Class Prefix: the default prefix, in order to avoid confusion with other classes, the best input a prefix name, default using all capital letters, reserved for the empty can,

Device: device type, you can select “ iPhone” “ iPad” or “ Universal” (general, supports both iPhone and iPad) ,

Storyboard: is a Xcode 4.x new features, was previously an extended version of the upgrade of the Xib, let UI design procedure more simplified; note: the Storyboard version of the application can only be run on more devices based on iOS5.

ARC: is a Xcode 4.x new features, for the previous version of the iOS programmer per alloc of an object, it makes sense to go to release it, this is a very hate. Now with ARC, everything becomes more simple, the programmer can focus more to deal with their own application performance.

Include Unit Tests: When you build the project will include the test package.

        Build project:

The project structure as shown below:


Select MainStoryboard_iPhone.storyboard, the initial time is a blank, select the lower right corner of the Label label, click Modify button, label, run on, simulator appeared Hello  iOS, he didn't write a single line of code. Xcode development tools are still very strong.



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