Treatment of SUSE deleted zypper toss

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Zypper is automatically installed SUSE software package tool, and yum, similar to apt-get, after storm, to install some tools, such as JDK, GIT, rlwrap and so on, is very convenient.

Making once using Ctrl+C interrupt after installation, resulting in zypper was deleted (upgrade software packages Shixian delete the old version to install the new version, to remove the old version and install the new version is not complete interruption in time), so we had to use the RPM command to re install, so all kinds of dependent package, a variety of Lib library search download and install. So far away from my goal and install zypper. Then flashes, since the system after the installation is complete, zypper can be used, that all kinds of dependencies in the installation of the system image is there, so zypper installation package, looking from the installation image to install libzypp, reported not found. Find rpm-libs-4.4, and reported RPM version is not consistent, found the RPM version is 4.8.0.


Making using rpm -Uvh rpm-4.4.0.i386.rpm RPM downgraded to 4.4, and then successfully installed zypper. Well, you can use the zypper to install the software, not their own can rely on. On the other, thank Sohu provides the openSUSE image source (NetEase there, but I was 11.4 SUSE, only 12.2 of the NetEase. ).

Making continue to toss about storm. .

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Posted by Abraham at December 28, 2013 - 1:58 PM