A computer virus --Autorun virus

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Characteristics of the virus:

Auto hide the properties for the system and hidden files, even if set to display all files, not a few seconds back to the original settings.

And each driving wheel there is a autorun file and a plurality of MSDOS shortcuts hidden files.

360 security guards after reinstalling display "360 file is damaged, but whether to upgrade" upgrade is also useless, antivirus software detected large amounts of the virus file, but can only be isolated, restart or a virus.

The solution:


The first will have the support of AUTO virus causes broken, operating according to the following path:
Start menu - run Gpedit.msc user configuration - Management - system template
Select "turn off auto play" on the right side of the options, select "properties"
Setting: "close all drive", has enabled

Note: 1 default is not configured

2 don't choose a CD ROM drive

When setting the above, another antivirus can solve the problem.

Note: if you can't go to the start menu operation, at the same time, shortcut keys CTRLALTDEL, open the "task manager", "file" " new tasks (run)"
Can enter the gpedit.msc, then following operation

Methods two:

1, Reinstall the system,

2, After reloading, please do not double-click to open any hard disk removal system panels (the key, if you're not careful, the system of white installed).
3, Reloading after entering the windows, click on the "Start Menu" run "--". And then enter the "D:\autorun.inf" operation, and then pop a "automatically run configuration files" window, inside is a virus automatically running text. You put inside the text removed, retaining only the first line, save, close. Then open the "Start Menu" -- "operation", then input"E:\autorun.inf". According to this method, turn your hard disk "autorun.inf" contents are deleted, retaining only the first row (if you want to kill the virus U disk also similarly). To be deleted, do not double-click to open the virus (.Exe program), or waste all the previous efforts´╝ü
4, After finish delete this, virus will not run automatically. So that you can begin to remove the virus. Open the "Folder Options", to "show the system folder content" and "show hidden files and folders" hook, "Hide protected operating system files" removing the hook. Then "OK".
5, Open each of a hard disk, open the can see the "autorun.inf" and ".Exe suffix" file, the file with the "shift + Del" delete (system disk just to install, without these two documents). All partitions are successively delete these two files, safe. Immediately install antivirus software, upgrade.
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Posted by Webb at December 17, 2013 - 10:06 AM