CentOS-6.4-x86_64-minimal minimized after installation boot service configuratio

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CentOS-6.4-x86_64-minimal minimized after installation boot service configuration recommendations

Server LevelStatus Description
audit 3 on Analysis of system kernel
blk-availability 1 3 on Lvm2
crond 3 on Can be defined tasks
ip6tables 1-7off IPv6 firewall configuration, out of service
iptables 3 on IPv4 firewall
iscsi 1-7 Off removal
iscsid 1-7off Remove
lvm2-monitor 1 3 on Lvm2
mdmonitor 1-7off Remove, soft raid monitoring
messagebus 3 on The system of inter process communication service
multipathd 1-7 off Remove, with storage environment
netconsole 1-7 off Remove, initialize the network console
netfs 1-7off Remove, start automatically mount NFS
network 3 on Enable / disable network interface daemon
tpd 1-7 off Remove, time synchronization
ntpdate 1-7off Remove
postfix 1-7off Remove, mail service
rdisc 1-7off Remove, routing daemon
restorecond 1-7off Remove, for SELinux monitoring
rsyslog 1 3 on Provide the system log files
saslauthd 1-7off Remove, mechanism of extended c/s model validation
sshd 3 on The remote connection
udev-post 1-7off Remove the device file generation, according to /dev/ regulations

Open the service description:

Auditd monitor daemon
Blk-availability lvm2, RAID configuration suggestions after opening
Task plan management crond
Iptables IPv4 firewall
Lvm2-monitor lvm2, RAID configuration suggestions after opening
Messagebus is responsible for passing messages between each system process
Network system start activating all network interfaces
Rsyslog provides the system log records
Sshd remote secure shell login

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Posted by Bevis at December 06, 2013 - 11:45 AM