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The study from the contact to ORACLE, for several years, though the blog is not much, quality is uneven, however, a witness is the growth process of dribs and drabs, I witnessed in the way of searching, pilgrimage pilgrimage, will now ORACLE blog sorting, classification you see, the convenience of their own and, through.

The ORACLE data type

   ORACLE basic data type summary

PL/SQL grammar learning

  PLSQL debug a trigger

        PL/SQL re compiling packages without reaction

ORACLE tables and views

      ORACLE temporary tables summarize

      Strange question Oracle connection

      (ORACLE)View information about the partition table.

      ORACLE has built table can create partition

      ORACLE SQL scripts can modify the field name?

      The ORACLE object size problems

The ORACLE index constraint


      Summary of ORACLE constraints

The ORACLE function introduction

 ORACLE commonly used functions aggregate functions --

  ORACLE commonly used functions -- date / time function

  ORACLE commonly used functions -- character function

  ORACLE commonly used function conversion function --


  ORACLE MERGE introduction

  ORACLE some not commonly used script

Summary of ORACLE sequence

  Summary of ORACLE sequence

Synonym for ORACLE

  ORACLE synonyms summary

Database configuration management

A ORALCE installation and unloading)

  Windows Xp Oracle 10g installation

  Windows Xp Oracle 10g uninstall

  The Rhel-Server 5.5 installation ORACLE10

  RHEL6 64 ORACLE 10g 64bit database system installation

  Uninstall ORACLE Linux platform

  Linux platform ORACLE INSTANT client installation

  ORACLE-Instant Client SQL*LDR configuration, EXP commands

  ORACLE database and install the patch status

Two) user rights management

  ORACLE user management

Three) database configuration parameters


ORACLE principle

  The segmentation technology of database tables

  Introduction of database segmentation technique [reprint]

ORACLE import and export

EXP&IMP learning summary

  EXP&Synchronous EXPDP derived data

ORACLE database link

  ORACLE database link

SQL*Plus learning summary

  The ORACLE SQL*PLUS command Daquan

  Analysis of setting up the SQL*Plus environment variable

  The iSQL*PLUS configuration settings

ORACLE classic script

ORACLE classic case

  SQL language arts practice -- on the outside

Database performance tuning

The application of ORACLE tuning

  Transverse and vertical table performance analysis

The syntax of the SQL tuning

  The ORACLE database to view the execution plan

  Question MERGE INTO performance issues


The database manager configuration

The log file management

  ORACLE-Redo log file management

The ORACLE service configuration

    The monitor service management

            Disconnect cable monitoring server configuration

            Sys cannot remote login problem

ORACLE flashback summary

   An interesting problem for ORACLE FLASHBACK TABLE

The bare equipment knowledge [reprint]

ORACLE error summary

The following ORA-10000

ORA-00060 error

With the SYS logon local or remote login error caused by ORA-01031

ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress

ORA-01502: index 'index_name' or partition of such index is in unusable state

Oracle ORA-06550: error

More than ORA-10000

ORA-10635: Invalid segment or tablespace type

ORA-12154: TNS: could not resolve the connect identifier specified

ORA-12170: TNS: Connection timed out

ORA-12504: TNS: Monitoring procedures did not get SERVICE_NAME in CONNECT_DATA

ORA-12514: TNS: listener does not currently know in connect descriptor request service

The computer name ORA-12541: TNS by no monitoring program error

ORA-19502: write error on file "xxxxx", block number xxxx

More than ORA-20000

ORA-27125: unable to create shared memory segment


The evil PLS-00103 error

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