The first chapter database theory foundation knowledge exercises

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1, The core of the database system is( D ).
A. Database B. operating system      C.File      D. Database management system
2, Visual FoxPro is — a relational database management system. The relationship is( D ).
A.The table relationship between each record      B.The table relationship between the fields    
C.A table with another.    D. Table format for two dimensional data model
3, Relationship refers to the concept of( A ).
A.Set set C. field set B. attribute of the tuple set D. instance
4, In the process of development of database management technology, can realize data sharing the stage(C ).
A.Free management stage     B.File system
C.Database system D. system management
5, The attribute elements with the same two relations in the join together to form a new two-dimensional tables called( D ).
A.Choice      B.Projection      C.Screening     D. Join
6, The data in the database are structured, the structure is supported by a database management system (C) are shown.
A.Relation model      B.The database model, C. data model       D.Relation model
7, The data structure used in a relational database system is( D ).
A. The tree diagram form C. B.     D. Two dimensional table
8, A relationship between the equivalent of a two-dimensional table, each column in the table of two-dimensional equivalent of the relationship( D ).
A. Data item B. tuple      C.Structure     D. Attribute
9, With the two-dimensional table data model to represent relationships between entities and entity called( C )
A.Object oriented model      B.The network model      C.Relation model      D. Hierarchical model
10, From the database structure, the data model of database system( C ).
A.The network model, the chain model and hierarchical model
B.The hierarchical model, network model and the cyclic model    
C.The hierarchical model, relational model and the network model    
D. Chain model, relational model and hierarchical model
11, A database system, database, user and computer system( D ).
A.Operating system      B.Data collection      C.The file system     D.Database management system
12, The basic operation in relational database( C ).
A.Selection, projection and delete      B.Selection, projection and add    
C.Selection, projection and join      D. Selection, projection and insert
13, Database (DB), database system (DBS) and database management system (DBMS) the relationship between the three is( A ).
A. DBS includes DB and DBMS      B. DB includes DBS and DBMS    
C. DBMS includes DB and DBS      D. DB is the DBS, which is DBMS
14, The data model of Visual FoxPro is used( A )
A.Relational B. mesh type C. hybrid hierarchical D.
15, The database is in the computer system according to the organization, data storage and application model(A ).
A.Set set B. file data set C. command set the D. program
16, A software system to support the various operations of database( D    ).
A.Database system B. command system      C.Operating system      D.Database management system
17, A complete entirety is composed of computer, operating system, DBMS, database, application program and the user is( B ).
A.The software system      B.Database system      C.Database management system, D. file system
18, The relationship model can represent the entity relation is( D ).
A. One of a pair of B. C. on the D. more than three are
19, Which of the following statements concerning the database system, the right is( B ).
A. The database system to avoid data redundancy    
B.The database system to reduce the data redundancy    
C.The database system is more than the file system management data
D. The consistency of the data in the database system refers to data types.
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