WPF study notes - data binding function summary

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Only column function

  1. Support for single object binding
  2. To establish data source(DataContext)
  3. Property change notifications( INotifyPropertyChanged)
  4. Changes to the data source execution time(UpdateSourceTrigger)
  5. Set binding(ObservableCollection<(Of <(T>)>,ItemsControl)
  6. The multi set bound(CompositeCollection)
  7. The bound object attributes(Obj.xxxx)
  8. Binding direction (Mode attribute)
  9. Binding validation(Validation)
  10. Business logic validation(IDataErrorInfo)
  11. The binding data type conversion(IValueConverter)
  12. ADO.NET binding data source (and so on, LINQ can also be)
  13. XML data binding, support Xpath(XMLDataProvider)
  14. Template(DataTemplate)

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Posted by Anna at November 13, 2013 - 2:59 AM