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1, 98 years, Ma Huateng and a group of collect 500000 founded Tencent, did not buy a house; 98 years, Shi Yuzhu borrowed 500000 make melatonin, did not buy a house; 99 years, Ding Lei in 500000 founded, did not buy a house; 99 years, Chen stocks gained 500000, its big, did not buy a house; 99 years, the 18 people such as Ma Yun collect 500000, registered Alibaba, did not buy a house. If they used these 500000 bought a house, now estimated to still also a bank loan. 2, We must understand the young: 1) you not brave, no one for you to be strong; 2) no umbrella child must try to run; 3) the way of their choice, kneels must also walk it; 4) don't get angry to live up to expectations, don't look to break, do not envy to appreciate, do not delay to positive, don't Heartbeat to action; 5) would rather run was tripped several times, rather than the rules for a lifetime, even if the fall also proud smile.
3, Three big regret in life: don't choose, choose not to choose life, constantly; three: do not fight with a bucket, do not fight with the villain profit, not fight with the world Qiao; life three discipline: look through to open, can hold something up and put it down, stand is firm; three traps: the effect, credulity, avarice life; three life: meet the good teacher does not learn, meet the friend not to, does not hold good opportunity. Life three: no indisputable and leadership capability, not with colleagues Zhengchong, not with lower power struggle.
4, A person, if you don't yourself, you don't know how good. A person, want to good, you must accept the challenge; a person, you want good as soon as possible, it is necessary to look for challenges. A person, dare to listen to the truth, need courage; a man who dares to tell the truth, courage. A person's knowledge, through learning can be; a person's growth, must be honed.

6, NetEase CEO Ding Lei said: "do not think that I hold a great ideal to create a great company, I never have lofty ideals, also did not want to become a very rich man. Founded NetEase when I just want to do a small business owner, I want to have a house with a car, don't get to work on time, you can sleep late. My dream is so simple." Ding Lei's words really. However, now the business is not so simple.

8, A bottom line: 1) don't do any third party, even the love; 2) lie to me, if I knew more than two, you have far far roll; 3) if you take me, I will in the same way to you; 4) I can play the fool, but don't think I'm silly; 5) I can tolerate, but don't over my bottom line; 6) I did not temper, but not easily loses his temper; 7) any truth, I can accept

11, Slowly mature symbol: 1) morning, no matter how tired, will immediately get to work; 2) like to eat more homely food restaurant; 3) like stealth, network signature long time no change; 4) like to watch the news more than see gossip; 5) to call a friend less times; 6) can make your happy person or thing, less and less; 7) not the result of things, gradually less; 8) down to be alone

15, Let you matured for at least 5 year old 8 sentences: 1) if you doesn't like current work, or quit, or say nothing; 2) learn to endure loneliness. 3) not as fragile as glass, a powerful inner person; 4) guanzhuziji mouth; 5) will create opportunities; 6) if the phone doesn't ring, you should play out; 7) don't be hasty marriage; 8) write your life to do things, put it in your wallet, often take out to see.
16, This year, 26 year old Facebook founder Mark Zakpa , to 00000000 on the Forbes the youngest richest list. At present has to own more than half of the property donated to charity. Zhakebo a billionaire, but he still and Chinese girlfriend Pulli Sheila Chen lived in a rented house, walk or ride a bike to work every day.
17, Australia boss Palmer, he said: you can only sleep in a bed, have a meal, driving a car, with a woman, so I decided to give some to you. In order to thank the staff to help him turning losses into profits, he gave the staff of 55 Mercedes Benz, let 750 people go abroad on vacation, entertainment 2000 employees and their families. The staff said excitedly, the boss, so I poured 120% strength to work. "Magical leadership, everywhere

19, After 80 / after 90 problems: 1) myopia; 2) the moonlight clan; 3) like Money; 4) never exercise; 5) three meals a day is not the law; 6) blind road, no sense of direction; 7) don't know his blood type; 8) has a ruthless ruthless Zhai Zhai heart; 9) things are done for three minutes; 10) often after 12 midnight to sleep.
20, Six lies a mother's life: 1) []: childhood eat fast, I'm not hungry; 2) [teenager, late night doing needlework] go to sleep now, I am not sleepy; 3) [road] drink soon the college entrance examination, I'm not thirsty; 4) [to work, you go to work when their mother was ill], I am very good; 5) [mother] you use to send money, I have the money to buy a house; 6) []. She lived in town, I'm not in the habit of. Wish all the mothers health and longevity
21, Never do: 1), with a bed; 2) and lovers married; 3) the colleagues as friends; 4) to friends, work; 5) the Boss speak without reserve; 6) believe the boss promised; 7) the passions are hung on the face; 8) to speak loudly in mobile phone heap; 9) in the habit of making excuses for myself; 10) pass, see a car has a slim figure MM face; 11) to MM " no " word for gospel truth; 12) expect ex change one's mind about.
22, Successful habits: 1) 2) simple smile; temperament; 3) not to borrow money from friends; 4) to say that somebody is behind the word; 5) to hear someone speak ill of others only smile; 6) a thing of the past do not let people know; 7) Bu respect the one who likes you; 9) the ruthless things, have feeling to people; 10) to do more self-criticism; 11) applaud for others; 12) gratitude; 13) learn to listen to; 14) when we speak common beginning; 15) talk less; 16) like you.

23, 15 tips to establish contacts: 1) learn empathy; 2) learn to adapt to the environment; 3) learn generosity; 4) learn low-key; 5) sweet mouth; 6) appearance; 7) He that talks much errs much.; 8) learn to thanksgiving; 9) comply with the time; 10) keep his promise; 11) learn patience; 12) have a common heart; 13) learn to praise others; 14) to be on in order to respect, to be in wide; 15) often review their.

25, So you struggle less 10 years of work experience: 1) do not stay in your comfort zone; 2) don't like, perhaps, later, or, perhaps, words in his mouth; 3) do not delay the work; 4) don't think theory can be implemented will be accomplished; 5) don't let others waiting for you; 6) don't think the details are not important; 7) don't be negative; 8) don't improve working ability only sustenance in company training; 9) do not pass the buck.
27, Emotional quotient training 7 method: 1) to see not shun people shun; 2) the despised look; 3) do not want to do things well; 4) to conceive it figured out; 5) the curse words; 6) the swallow not gas pharynx; 7) to indulge the heart live; -- you do not need all the time to do so, but so do a few times, you will: (1) high EQ; (2) post up; (3) pay raise; (4) people cool

30, When I was young once and to date the most beautiful girl in our state, but in the end did not succeed. I heard she's been divorced three times, if we were really together, I can't imagine what will happen in the future. So, in fact, the most important thing in your life is to marry what people decide! In choosing a partner, if you are wrong, will make you lose a lot of. Moreover, the loss is not just money. (BY Buffett: marriage is the greatest investment)
33, Godfather classic lines: 1) don't let others know what you think; 2) when you say from time to time, you make do not sound like as well; 3) to be close to your friend, let the enemy overestimate your faults; 4) pain is not like death as irreversible; 5) if you don't have the time and the family together, you will never be a real man; 6) don't hate your enemy, it affects your judgement.
34, Think you can and can't do, in fact, only between a read. Respect yourself, others will respect you. All the great action and thought, there is a not worth mentioning start. There is an ideal place, hell is heaven; the place which hope is in, the pain has become a joy. An optimist sees the opportunity in trouble; the pessimist sees the disaster in the opportunity. The ideal way is always prepared for the confidence ---- Li Jiacheng.

37, Chen Peisi published his essay CCTV, because without money, hard court, was completely blocked. After Chen disappeared, Chen couple went up into the mountain trees, yellow face back into the air, two years 300000 of profits. Chen Peisi cried, also want to act, can still be banned, hit 300000 to play, the first stage comedy "child care", in all parts of the country for about 120 shows at the box office, nearly 40000000 yuan, created the current drama circles unsurpassable myth. "I just want to say one sentence: where is the gold will shine······

41, Old Shanghai gangster Du Yuesheng classic quotations: 1) man three bowls of noodles the most difficult to eat: the human face, sensibilities, scene; 2) the first man, can have no temper; two others, have the ability to temper; at the end of the person, do not have the ability to lose your temper; 3) the people can not read, but not knowing people; 4) money with complete, friendship eat not only. So others save money, I save a friendship. Saving more but Jinshan Yinhai, friendship world like to use up quantity.
42, There is no secret of success, if any, only two: the first is to persist, never give up; the second is when you want to give up, please come back again according to the first secret to do - Churchill
43, He, 21 years old, the business failed. At the age of 22, congressman election. 24 years old, the business lost. 26 years old, her death. At the age of 27, had a nervous breakdown. At the age of 36, congressman election. At the age of 45, senators voted. 47 years old, was nominated for vice president. At the age of 49, senators voted. 52 years old, was elected the sixteenth president of American. His name is Lincoln, believe that God's delay, and not a denial of God, the ultimate achievement uncommon.
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