Which HTML5 features worth looking forward to

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First, we can look at the "HTML5 program design (Second Edition)" the final chapter on the HTML5 future. Address:

1 browser support for HTML5

  With windows XP support is due next year, but many small users are using the 360 secured browser and Sogou browser, so the speed of HTML5 is very fast. This is a very happy thing for web developers, the future browser compatibility issues between will be less and less, the developer can concentrate more on interaction design and the business logic of application.

What are the characteristics of 2 potential

  1).WebGL will be more and more fire. And with the advent of the Three.js the front-end 3D library. Many complex 3D game and animation can use Three.js to render. Before colleagues complete with Three.js making a game cube. The effect is very cool, the user experience is also very smooth.

  2)Device device elements. More and more games or enhancement equipment need to network, and the host interaction. For example, Google Class, Microsoft Kinect and other equipment. Camera, voice input and recognition more and more applications to the web or mobile phone in app development. My windows 8 Metro games, we use surface cameras, microphones and other equipment.

The 3 audio data API

  Audio data API the future can use HTML5 to create music, modify the music. As now you can use the canvas element to the crud picture.

3.1 standard video and audio formats

  Now let the web page to support HTML5 video player, according to different browser link different formats of video files. On the one hand increases the cost of developers, on another aspect of the operation team is the burden. Because a video, must generate different format video files. Such as.Mp4,.Ogg etc.

4.HTML5 video tag support streaming media data

  This loading slightly large video file, does not need the background server to modify the code, the video is divided into many small video, and then play in HTML5 player. If the HTML5 video tag support streaming video, in the background and the front end can reduce a lot of code. Migration of such faster to let users and developers of Player from Flash Video Player to HTML5 Video.

5 touch screen device events

  Access to the Internet more and more mobile devices. So the major browser vendors will increase the “ &rdquo, “ events; gesture event ” and “ &rdquo support touch events;.

The 6.P2P network support

  Although the understanding of this concept in the University, but the surface just stays in the concept of. The biggest advantage of P2P network technology: 1 saves network bandwidth; 2 play video or sending and receiving files faster. Because P2P technology allows the direct communication between the client. Applications: used for multiplayer games, video chat, file sharing and document collaboration function.

To sum up, I personally like Google Chrome OS notebook, another is the mobile phone operating system rookie --Firefox OS. Because they are completely based on the new characteristics and the API HTML5, so there are no compatibility, and is easy to upgrade and expand. But before the company PM and I talked, also said in the web/mobile app developers, must pay attention to Firefox OS. Yesterday, Firefox OS mobile phone production start sales in Europe, the price is not expensive. May have great potential in emerging markets, and Mozilla also intends to develop tablet computer Firefox based on OS.

Judging from the current situation, a system can across the PC, tablet and mobile phone only following company:

1.Ubuntu(pc,tablet,smartphone) In fact, Ubuntu also said that can run on smart tv. To see the strength of the promotion, of course at present and China cooperation Ubuntukylin, success is still difficult to judge.

2.Apple(tablet,smartphone)The PC Mac OS and IOS are different, of course, most of the same code. Of course, also began to enter the TV and watch

3.Firefox OS(tablet,smartphone)PC there is no sound.

4.Microsoft (pc,table,smartphone) Windows8 came out, and Microsoft Windows 8 Metro App push. In fact, see Microsoft for cross platform ambition. But it is a thankless task, the user does not buy it.

Firefox OS tablet:

Firefox OS mobile phone

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Posted by Elliot at December 15, 2013 - 3:48 AM