The Liunx command summary

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ID - view user

LS - view the current directory files

Cat + filename - view details for a file

The more+ file name, according to the need from the top down view content

PWD - view the current path

CD + - into a directory path

VI + file (or directory + filename) - editing a file

VI entry point I to edit finished by Esc and then input: WQ save input: q! No save, exit

MV + old name + new name -- modification of name / move a file or a directory to another directory

Enter the./, the startup project in Tomcat

And then enter the tail -f /home/chinafung/apache-tomcat-main/logs/catalina.out to see whether the normal start

ps -ef | Grep Java, see the Java boot process

ps -ef | Grep nginc, see the nginx boot process

Kill -9 + process -- shut down a process

/home/chinafung/nginx/sbin/nginx -c /home/chinafung/nginx/conf/Nginx.conf - nginx

/etc/init.d/Mysqld restart, restart MySQL

/etc/Usually init.d/iptables stop - close the firewall

Ctrl+c - end task, return to the command input
Ctrl+l - screen information

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Posted by Montague at February 04, 2014 - 8:39 AM