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  1, Introduction to Ruby
  2, Ruby- cycle and structure selection
  3, Ruby-String
  4, Ruby-Array
  5, Ruby-Hash
  6, Ruby-Block, Proc and Lambda
  7, Ruby- regular expressions
  8, Ruby-Symbol
  9, Ruby-Method,Class
  10, Ruby-Module

The 10 most did not take full advantage of the ActiveRecord:: Relation method


Practical Bible website

Part 1: introductory guide

Ruby on Rails to install the Rails Rails development environment has started in Ruby programming to create CRUD applications to RESTful applications

Analysis of Part 2: depth

Environment setting andBundler RouteRouting Action Controller: ControlHTTPTechnological process Active Record: Data table Active Record: Database migrationMigration Active Record: Table relationship Active Record: Data validation and call back Active Record: Advanced function Action View: Pattern design Action View: Helpers AssetsAndAjax RESTfulSystem time zone multi language and form design ActionMailer: E-mailSending and receiving ActiveSupportThe tool library RailsUp one's sleeve user authentication test web performance cache network security site deployment of non synchronous processing RailsThe program best practice


Advanced development environment for the installation of Git version control system based Rails paradigm for ad hoc Ruby/Rails ecosystem Ruby/Rails FAQ terms on translation control

Resources for learning other Rails3 line (English)

Rails Guides Ruby on Rails Tutorial Rails in a Nutshell Rails Complete API

The Blog file is recommended

Rails 3.1 RC release: Metal mechanism for key guide advanced Ruby programming ActiveSupport class_attribute ActiveModel Railtie and the new Plugins system how to write Rubygem how to write Helper can pass Block parameter Rails3 Beta release: key guide Rails3 RC published: focus on tour
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