The original ebook]lazarus developers introductory and intermediate tutorial

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Currently on the market without any a whole book, the Firebird Lazarus, the two outstanding development tool, but also as a bridge between their development kit ZeosDBO, there is no complete guide to the development of Chinese, this book to the three development kit as the main line, by the introduction of Lazarus components, other tools Firebird. The book also introduced some algorithms, interface design, optimization and other aspects of knowledge. Will lead you into the software development practices.

What is Lazarus? Lazarus pronunciation: tension rolling was. He is a high stable software integrated development environment, using Object  language; Pascal, the kernel is FreePascal under the GNU compiler is very mature, he is an efficient tool of RAD, especially suitable for the development of Delphi or other RAD based user. The development tool more and more cheap, this is an indisputable fact that. Any number of development tools are now in free, such as Eclipse, Apache, Mysql, Tomcat and so on, a development tool Lazarus is similar to them, he realized the fast development of WYSIWYG, and there have been many developers for commercial application development based on her, covers many fields. So far, has launched 1 version, 1.1 of the daily build, true stability, the author use never crash, the 0.9.1 version previously unimaginable.

Firebird is the predecessor of the open source Interbase, the practical application of foundation has millions of users, is unmatched by other open source database. Investigation of new shows that the market share of Firebird and Mysql be roughly the same. Interbase is a Borland buy Ashton-Tate products, Ashton-Tate company is to buy Groton Database Systems. Here have to say the author of Interbase Jim  Starkey this great programmers (it should have 60+ age, It is the senior), Groton  is the founder of Systems; Database , He was originally developed by Interbase (a) multi generational architecture (from the Wiki., Multi generation system structure is the two other creation theory system, But Interbase or DEC is first realized, But at that time is in 1981 Jim is the company to develop the database, He is first realize this multi generation system database)     (b) a single file (database and transaction log log together), (c) the first to support BLOB database engine, A type of event notification, The array and the trigger, Not to steal any company system. The first version was completed in the 1977 development called datarieve  Version  1, is supported by PDP-11 computer. The master then Jie as MySQL  AB Falcon Netfrastructure this engine based on   in fact, is the use of Firebird system, but later left MySQL  AB, development is now engaged in the R & D and led the cloud database Firebird database. Therefore, the fact that   Firebird database engine started business from 1984, a large number of users, after years of name change, he is the name of the open source version, from 1 to start a large number of users, major customers in Europe and the United States, Russia. Because the Chinese information is relatively small, the outstanding development tools do not know many people in China. Now the development of version 2.5, can support multiple processors, a large number of client connections, is a high performance database engine. The other 3 are under development. About Firebird TB level test can be see . About the history of Firebird can see "rising from the ashes of the Firebird", this paper, has been included in the appendix, all rights reserved.

ZeosDBO is a bridge between FireBird and Lazarus, is a Lazarus open source database access component, very good, can access most database, he also supports Delphi, and most of the common database support.

This book is suitable for readers with some basic Pascal language, SQL language programmers or programming enthusiasts.

Selection of key of the three suite, the three are free, cross platform, called LZF, the following is a list of advantages of the three development kit.






Free of charge

Free of charge

Free of charge

Use agreement




Cross platform

Multiple platforms

Multiple platforms

Multiple platforms

The current version




Much like Delphi


Already contains CHM help

A lightweight, efficient, complete

The unique MGA multi generation system

Only single file log

The only implementation of embedded support triggers, stored procedures of database

Cross database, cross operating system, cross language(delphi,,lazarus,.net)

Third party support

Many controls in metastasis

Ibexpert,FlameRobin,Maestro and many other management interface, multiple access   database.

A variety of EhLib library support, fully compatible with the original Dataset

Usage of user

A large number of commercial applications are using, there are pictures and the truth.  

Many commercial applications, secret in use.

Many users, starting from the older version.

  The development of system is so powerful, you still hesitant what? Come with me to learn.

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