Storage network protocol

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In the storage network agreement before, we must first understand the fibre channel protocol used by SAN-FCP.

FC is a high-speed network technology is used to connect the data storage devices. By the International Committee for information technology standards (INCITS) T11 Technical Committee responsible for the standard document. INCITS is a ANSI authorized committee. Initially only supported optical fiber cable, and later also supported copper. The Committee has retained its name, but require the use of English spelling of Fibre. American spelling Fiber on behalf of optical fiber cable.
FCP is mainly used for transmission protocol SCSI commands on the SAN network. Similar to IP TCP. Also support other upper layer protocols, such as ATM, IP, FICON.

FCoE storage network protocol (FC over Ethernet): the FC frame is encapsulated in an Ethernet frame.

1, Information technology international standard T11 standard(2009)
2, FCoE is not routed in IP layer, and therefore can not be over IP network
3, Ethernet without flow control mechanism based on priority, whereas FC requires no packet loss, so FCoE needs a revision to the Ethernet standard, therefore IEEE increases the data center bridging (Data Center Bridging, DCB) task group, completed 3 major requirements: 1 FC expansion, has the ability to encapsulate the FC frame; 2, extended priority flow control based on the ability of 802.1Qbb; 3, FC N_port ID (FCID) mapping and MAC address ability,

4, DCB standard (lossless Ethernet):


(2)802.1Qau (CN,Congestion notification)

(3)802.1Qaz, Enhanced Transmission Selection(ETS)/ DCBX (bandwidth allocation and equipment protocol exchange)

ISCSI storage network protocol (Internet SCSI): the SCSI command (CDB, Command Descriptor Block) in the TCP/IP packaging, construction of IP based on SAN.

1, IBM and CISCO launched in 1998 2000, submitted a draft standard
2, The TCP port number 3260

FCIP storage network protocol (FC over IP): the FC frame encapsulation in TCP/IP. Construction of IP based on SAN. Known as the tunnel mode storage network.

1, RFC 3821 (2004)
2, The TCP port number 3225
3, Not IPFC (IP over FC)

IFCP storage network protocol (Internet FCP): FC-4 layer (application layer) encapsulated in TCP. Called routing mode storage network.

1, RFC 4172 (2005)

2, The TCP port number 3420

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