New year to send a gift! ITeye1 technology books prize this activity ended!

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In order to continue to build a IT sharing technology atmosphere of learning, common progress, at the beginning of the year 2013 on the occasion, ITeye Electronics Industry Publishing House Broadview joint hosts of the 2013 January book this activity.

New year new atmosphere, but also to send gifts, this period of activity from each of the sample book award 5 outstanding author, and select 5 lucky users from all participate in the activities of the user, who participated in the trial activities and meet the user has the opportunity to activities award. Read more, the prize more oh!

The following is the five book in this period to all activities of carefully selected, one of the most suitable for you, this is the one you want! Still waiting for what, as soon as possible to write your probation feelings, winning technology books! The sample books:

  • Threat and prevention of Web application security
  • Cloud Computing: the age of big data of system engineering
  • 8 application design and development of Windows
  • Further analysis of Java Web technology insider
  • High quality programming guide

Activity time: January 14, 2013 - January 27th

Participation method:

Choose one or more reading sample chapters from we provide this book, published an article of not less than 300 words on the ITeye blog or forum, write this experience or according to the writing of personal opinion topic, and the title of the article and link to this activity can post comments.


The award rules:


This book introduces and sample chapters download address:

1, Threat and prevention of Web application security

Books introduce:

This is a book on the most common security risks in the application of Web in practical teaching and Solutions. It recognized safety authority (Open OWASP Web Application Security Project) formulation of the OWASP Top 10 is modeled, introduces ten of the most serious Web application security risk, and use ESAPI (Enterprise Security API) proposed solutions. The book consists of five articles, first articles by several stories to lead the readers into the safety of the world; second is the essential knowledge, readers can understand the Web application security technology and basic knowledge; the third part of the thesis introduces the safety testing and scanning tools commonly used; fourth chapter introduces various threats and testing and solutions; fifth based on the previous few article, summarize safety principles in design and coding process.

Each chapter in the book with a lively stories or examples at the beginning, let the reader understand the safety problems, and then analyzes the reasons and the test method and put forward effective solutions, finally listed issues inspection list, understand better help the reader in the future work and learning and similar the problem. After reading this book, readers can be learned content is applied to Web application security design, development, test, improve the security of Web applications, can also be very confident to customers expertly on the Web application security threats and attack and defense, and gain more in their career development.

This book is suitable for Web developers, designers, testers, architects, project managers, safety consultant. The book can also be used as college students are interested in Web application security materials, is a practical on the Web application security textbooks and manuals.

Sample chapters Download:

2, Cloud Computing: the age of big data of system engineering

Books introduce:

In the Internet "big problem" under pressure, we need new ideas, through the "building blocks" change, to redefine the way service computing resources used, provide, and large-scale socialized production cooperation process. Cloud computing brings the mechanism of this thought, this mechanism allows us to organize resources to service, organization and technology to achieve, organizational processes to strain. Moreover, cloud computing has expanded our definition of service, and brings a new computing resource management ideas, system engineering is an information technology and an information society the industrial revolution.

This book in simple language, the thinking of one one to the readers, and combined with the author's practice experience, the calculation involves the concept, technology on the cloud, as well as all aspects will give us life and social impact are described, from a new perspective to show the charm of cloud computing.

Sample chapters Download:

3, 8 application design and development of Windows

Books introduce:

Combined with Windows Phone and Nokia mobile phone market in the mainland for the first time at the beginning of 2012, Windows Phone was first introduced in Metro style of simplicity, convenience, is a tool for mobile phone market Microsoft Corp. The book is divided into two parts, one is to introduce the use of Windows Phone system, how to make good use of this digital assistant at work, in life; another part of the cooperation with the Windows Phone thirty App. The author will be based on their own experience of application and from the official Chinese community resources, through a lot of skills in the application of experience, bring the cool for readers.

Sample chapters Download: part1:

4, Further analysis of Java Web technology insider

Books introduce:

This book is focused on Java Web technology from three aspects comprehensively expounded. First introduced the knowledge of front end, mainly introduced the Java Web development involves some basic knowledge, including the Web request process, HTTP protocol, DNS technology and CDN Technology. Secondly introduces the Java technology, including I/O technology, Chinese coding problem, Javac compiler, class file structure, working mechanism of ClassLoader and JVM of memory management. The Java server technologies, including Servlet, Session and Cookie, Tomcat and Jetty server, Spring container, Ibatis framework and Velocity framework theory. The book not only introduces the principle of these technologies and framework, and combined with examples to explain, through a plain text and rich and vivid pictures, let the reader fully and deeply understand the internal principles of their work, but also a combination of design patterns to the technology behind the architecture thinking these.

Sample chapters Download:

5, High quality programming guide

Books introduce:

High quality programming is the weak link in the software industry, the majority of enterprises paid a high price, only to improve the quality of software products through a lot of tests and error correction. Therefore, how to let programmers proficient in programming and programming specifications, high quality code built in the development process, is one of the main challenges facing the IT enterprise.

This book in a relaxed and humorous style to the reader the high quality software development method and C++/C programming specifications, and this is also the author of many years of work experience in software development. The book has 17 chapters, the first chapter to the fourth chapter focuses on the software quality and the basic method of program design; the fifth chapter to the sixteenth chapter focuses on the C++/C style of programming, object oriented programming method and some techniques; the seventeenth chapter elaborates the principle and method of using STL.

The first edition and second edition section had spread widely on the Internet, is the domestic IT enterprises of many software developers use. Appendix C of the book "the university ten years" is a short biography was published online, this paper described the passion of learning and life attitude, infected a large number of students.

Their main readers book is IT enterprise programmers and project managers, as well as the universities and colleges of undergraduate and graduate students.

Sample chapters Download:

Reminder: Immediately to the Spring Festival holiday, in order to improve the efficiency of the activities of the prizes issued, each winner will receive a prize before, please each author will own at the same time the works submittedThe name, contact information and mailing addressThroughMessage form sent to the administrator, The first time that we released the list of winners of the prize for your payment, if not timely submit the relevant information, will be considered as a waiver of the prizes.

The final explanation right of this activity belong to ITeye, if you have any questions please give administrators short or mail to
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