To let you know that the application of FLEX and the effect on the webpage

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Flex usually refers to the Adobe Flex, was originally released by Macromedia company in 2004 March, the Macromedia Flash platform based on its proprietary, it is covered by the support of RIA (Rich Internet Applications) a series of technical development and deployment. Still another meaning of the word flex is a tool for generating scanners, recognizes the text of the lexical pattern.
  Flex is a high performance, free open source framework, can be used for building expressive Web applications, these applications using the Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR, running across browsers, desktop and operating system to achieve consistent deployment. Although only use Flex framework for building Flex applications, but Adobe Flash Builder ™ (formerly known as Adobe Flex& reg; Builder ™) software can speed up the development the intelligent coding, debugging and interactive traversal visual design user interface layout and other functions.
  Use Flex to create a RIA running on the Adobe Flash Player software in the browser, or run to run across the operating system Adobe AIR& in a browser; reg;, they can reach consensus on the desktop across all major browsers, operating. Connected to more than 98% with Flash Player Internet computer, which is an enterprise level client runtime, advanced vector graphics which can deal with the highest, data intensive applications, achieve the desktop application and execution speed. By using AIR, Flex applications can access local data and system resources.
  Flex design for a team environment. The IT developer enterprise use Flex to deploy the application and is connected with the back end system, the team will be committed to the development of database design, architecture and improve the performance of the system in general. The design of Flex can be matched with the enterprise application design model, allows different parts of the same application developers in independent work. It allows the enterprises use the existing source code control system, the process of creating and testing method.
  Use the Flex Builder visual development tools such as UI, developers can used in user interface design and interface layout. The UI developers and even more professional UI designers included in the team, you can create a better, more available application interface, and the Flex application to achieve greater return on investment.
  Simple design is usually undertaken by graphic designer or information designer. MacromediaFlash MX 2004Professional they usually use, this is a suitable for the development of rich graphic content, interactive and application components used to highly customized Flex program.
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Posted by Austin at November 29, 2013 - 1:32 AM