A complex with SubSonic3.0 automatically generated table name (s) of the "user c

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  Generated using SubSonic3.0 template, with the 2.2 version of the same, the key will automatically be used back in some similar to the database with s (plural), here a small Bug is 3, while the query as the plug-in does not completely remove the s, it will produce “ user code untreated SqlException, object name'xxxs'invalid ” abnormal, unable to query on the plural form

  2.2 process simply, directly in the config (profile) configure SubSonicService tags, labels in the in the add sub label set fixPluralClassNames= "false" can be, but after 3 without these configuration, so far only directly modify the template.

  First, open the SQLServer.ttinclude file, make changes according to the chart, so that it can be generated in the process of adding complex (s) features removed



  Then open the SubSonic3.0 source Objects.cs files in the Extensions directory, according to the process, so that it can be removed when the query is more complex.


  Change the content above, the 3 plug in again, can use normally.

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Posted by David at November 16, 2013 - 9:05 PM