Android teaching video

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0. The zeroth chapter Android environment to build and video introduction:

1. The first chapter (the Android system structure and the initialization process)

2. The second chapter (Activity cycle)

3. The third chapter (common UI interface and Implementation) (on)

4. The third chapter (common UI interface and Implementation) (under)

5. The fourth chapter (using ListView) (on)

6. The fourth chapter (ListView manual) (under)

7. The fifth chapter (custom controls) (on)

8. The fifth chapter (custom controls) (under)

9. The sixth chapter (Drawable classification) (on)

10. The sixth chapter (Drawable classification) (under)

11. The seventh chapter (image manipulation skills) (on)

12. The seventh chapter (image manipulation skills) (under)

13. The eighth chapter (layout)

14. The ninth chapter (message model of Android)

15. The tenth chapter (Android network) (on)

16. The tenth chapter (Android network) (under)

17. The eleventh chapter (desktop component AppWidget)

18. The twelfth chapter (Android system).

19. The twelfth chapter (Android system) ()

20. The thirteenth chapter (Android Multimedia Development) (on)

21. The thirteenth chapter (Android Multimedia Development) (under)

22. The fourteenth chapter (picture asynchronous loading and caching)

23. The fifteenth chapter (mobile advertising platform)

24. The sixteenth chapter (Android code optimization technique)

25. The seventeenth chapter (Android encryption)

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