Resource monitoring system software --DcSmartMonitor

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Resource monitoring system software


Authors: Huang Yueyong



The current version number

V1.5 Build006


Making in the production system operation process, need every day to view the system parameters through the various commands, to confirm that the system is running normally, and check and record the parameters of each corresponding server, is a complicated, time-consuming, and need to have full experience on system operation and maintenance people to operate, however, for emergency system fault, and the lack of the ability to fast and accurate positioning. System monitoring software, is so complicated and emergency work, take up, in order to help the operation and maintenance personnel can as soon as possible to prevent failures occur, the fault can be quickly discovered, in order to reduce the losses caused by accidents.


Operation platform: window X32 X64 JDK.16

Monitoring target: Linux, AIX, HP-Unix (CPU, memory, IO, file system, process, port, session)

Making making making making making making making making making making: Oracle database table space, session


One, the software installation

1, The preparation of environment

Making the software requires more than JDK6.0 version supports, there are two ways to add JDK


Making available for download through version JDK6.0 and above, can be installed.

Methods two:

Making the good JDK directory is already installed, duplicate the "jre6" directory on the monitoring software installation directory.


Note: because the program to set the environment variable is%JAVA_HOME\bin\java;.\jre6\bin\java, so the JDK install, use JDK6 or higher version is not limited to, but copy directory, you can use the higher version, but the file name must be"jre6"


2, Software used

Making current software version includes: (37M, including JRE6)

          (5.4M, Does not contain JDK, it needs its own configuration)

Making contains JRE versions of the unpacked file should contain the following two folders and an executable program



File description

doc: The use of software to help

jre6: Software environment

SmartMonitor.exe: System monitoring software, double-click to use



Two, the software function is introduced


1 software main interface


2 server resource connection, see the operating system resource usage


After opening the file list

Open the server view the current process information into "process information"

Check the "whether to include the root process", you can view the root user process, is hidden by default.

Double click the line process records, pop the current process command.

View server listens on Port State

To view the current session connection


3 database connection service resources, database and table space usage and the current session


And the list of sessions table empty open after

Double click on the session recording, the currently executing SQL statements pop.

4.Shell batch connection, the execution of a batch script system

Making this function does not belong to the monitoring project, it will open a new window to operate. The window is closed, there is unfinished business background, may be forced to interrupt, so in order to ensure batch completes normally, please check the text field log confirmation has come to an end, can close the window.

Note: in the setting of operating system running the script, if the script with references to other script file, must be a reference path, or add a command in the command before: cd path

Making opens the SHELL script interface, this function is mainly used for database dump, rman backup, and other process monitoring program, the log file to *.log *.out. Currently supports Chinese characters commonly used set (UTF-8, GBK, ISO-8859-1), set in the command execution character set, will also affect the view log the character set display

Making the command log in front not script, can through the log file directory, check method for dynamic refresh log.

Making click "view log", pop-up specifies that all.Log file directory, the default selection file update time of the most recent.

Making double-click the selected file, can choose to view the file, point "choice", namely to open the log viewer, you can choose to automatically refresh interval time, the text box will automatically load the backstage log.



5 system setup

Modify the system update frequency, do not need to restart, service in the next execution to the corresponding process, automatic.


On the version 6


Revision history

2013-4-28   V1.5 Build006

Create a connection session cancelled the limit on the number of.


2013-4-27   V1.5 Build005

Add the session manager, when modifying the conversation, do not need to restart, the automatic configuration. When the delete session, will automatically stop background monitoring services, and delete the corresponding menu list window, close monitoring of the corresponding.


2013-4-25   V1.5 Build004

Modified to include all servers and database connection based class, when the server is abnormal, leading to the communication interrupt, software cannot restore monitoring BUG.

The warning panel to increase in the main window, when the communication is abnormal, the warning information.


2013-4-17   V1.5 Build003

Increase the monitoring process and conversational function.

Adjust the settings panel.


2013-4-16   V1.5 Build002

This version before version based on the increased operating system process monitoring function.

Running the batch script to add the function of common Chinese character set support.


2013-3-28   V1.5 Build001

According to the characteristics of modified version of ORACLE11gR2 connection monitoring (compatible prior database version)

Conversation monitor for ORACLE RAC characteristics of the modified (compatible with single instance)


2012-10-24   V1.4

The graph shows the effect of adjustment

Increase the AIX, HP-Unix compatible operating system


2012-9-21   V1.3

Add log file, automatic cleaning function.


2012-9-14   V1.2

Increasing the operating system running parameters of dynamic view. Dynamic view CUP, memory, IO and other resource usage.


2012-7-24   V1.1

Executive function, increase the operating system shell script.


2012-7-12   V1.0

Innovation, establish the basic framework, including database table space and operating system (Linux) monitoring of disk space, dynamic parameter setting function.


If you have any other problems, or the new function need, please contact me


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With the JDK6.0 version

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