Flex 4 development practice

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Flex4 learning is nowadays a very popular topic. Many forums are flex4 tutorial, and the information is open for many developers are keen on the study of flex4. So flex4, what issues need attention in learning? The development of practical answer is flex4. The development practice of Flex4 is very important, it is difficult for many beginners and have developed some practical flex4 application developers. So to speak, a lot of people learning flex4 encounter bottleneck time in studies, is in the practice of developing flex4 problem. Then the flex4 in the development of practice are what needs to be done to prepare? How to avoid these problems.?
  First of all we need to do is to some basic problems of flex4 consolidation. As we know, the basic knowledge of flex is very important, these knowledge is not only to know better, more need to constantly practice to understand the use and continuous grinding. Flex4 based if consolidated, then in the whole learning process will become very easy.
  Then the basic knowledge of flex4 is what needs to be done to prepare the consolidated after? Is the practice. After each practice is based on knowledge and understanding, we can't put all the knowledge learned together to practice, but the practice step by step, simple practical method that makes flex the whole development have become.
  There are still some challenges for the development of practical problems many beginners flex4, but please believe that if you have mastered the basic knowledge, these problems will be smoothly done or easily solved, finally also is not what problem, so beginners confidence training is very important.
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Posted by Frederick at December 07, 2013 - 7:24 AM