The interrupt source to shake the way

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Today in handling an interrupt button when, always avoid cannot affect the jitter!

As the key signal, if we scan the general words, with a time delay can be solved, but we use the interrupt, how to do?

This will obviously interrupted 5 times, in 51's, in enters the interrupt time, can send interrupt, but the 51 interrupt, other interrupt cannot trigger, in STM32, or even an arbitrary platform are the same, some people say that turn off the interrupt source, I generally try, finally the procedure all cards! Ran away.. So this method can't go too!

If that is so, we use executive identifier how an interrupt program?

void EXTI9_5_IRQHandler(void)
	static u8 button2 = 0;

	if(RESET == EXTI_GetFlagStatus(EXTI_Line8))
		button2 = 1;
		/* Add You Code */
		button2 = 0;
Button2 has played the role of mark position, he must be a static variable, delay appropriate delay, so that we can solve this problem.!

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Posted by Fiona at December 05, 2013 - 9:42 PM