MVC practical architecture design (2) -- General Design

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Series of navigation

  1. MVC practical architecture design (&mdash, &mdash); overall design;
  2. MVC practical architecture design (a) — — project structure
  3. MVC practical architecture (two) — — MEF IOC
  4. MVC practical architecture design (three)——EF-Code First(1): Repository, UnitOfWork, DbContext
  5. MVC practical architecture (three) — — EF-Code First (2): entity mapping, data migration, reconstruction
  6. MVC practical architecture (three) — — EF-Code First (3): use T4 templates to generate similar code
  7. MVC practical architecture (three) — — EF-Code First (4): data query
  8. MVC practical architecture (three) — — EF-Code First (5): two level cache
  9. The MVC Entity Framework Design (three) — — EF-Code First (6): data update
  10. To be continued. . .


One, foreword

Two, the structure diagram

Three, the description of the structure

One, foreword

  I always want to write this series, but for various reasons (mostly lazy), has not. Today, taking advantage of the weekend break, finally put a series of directory published, is a start, and give yourself a blogging reason.

  This architecture is from my recent in a project do stripping out, this project by me from the beginning of 0 hand built, continuous learning in the whole process (in the blog in reference to a lot of Daniel's works) and thinking of continuous improvement, the structure of the project also from a common class of PetShop three layer structure evolved into the now, to all practical purposes, so the transformation process of the project is not strictly comply with the definition of the traditional three layer, this series of articles in the "build" project structure and later will be referred to, will also make a comparison with the traditional three layer structure.

  One of the purpose of writing this series is to abstract the current project architecture, hoping to get them to master pointing, pointing out the deficiency, in order to improve the development of.

  This series of the use of the development environment: Windows 7 SP1, Visual Studio 2012 (Update2), TFS2012 (Microsoft TFS cloud service), SQL Server 2008+, and 7.1 for code optimization using Resharper.

Two, the structure diagram


  The design of this framework, the longitudinal middle column structure body, small columns on both sides of the neighboring dependency, if the horizontal overlap, the main part is dependent on the surrounding. For example, GMF.Demo.Core.Data relies on the Domain Models and EntityFramework, but GMf.Demo.Site.Web and GMF.Demo.Site on Entityframework is not dependent on the existence of. Similarly, the Log module is only GMF.Demo.Site.Web service and so on, the following description of the structure will also give details.

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Posted by Adam at November 14, 2013 - 1:40 AM