IS Decisions help enterprises to improve safety standards

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PCI DSS what are the requirements standard?

Simply put, PCI DSS requires the highest level of network security. This standard is now widely used in storage, management, transmission customers (or the cardholder) individual data fields.

Implementation of access of strict control measures

In order to ensure that critical data can only be authorized to visit, systems and procedures strictly limit access to the following aspects:

UseUserLock(The network access protection)AndFileAudit(Protect the file access), You can immediately recognize any access does not meet the access strategy attempt.

UserLockBe based onWindows networkAnd provide protection to which all data, on the basis ofCustom user access policyThe user logon restrictions and monitoring access. In a novel interface, you can easily make the access rules, on access to network resources inside when and where users of UserLock automatic monitoring, access time.

FileAuditFor all Windows environmentThe file serverTo provide protection, according to all access to files and folders (or access attempts) monitor, file and send a report. From time to time to check and record information about the read, write, delete the file access, and a change in ownership and permissions to modify all information. IT personnel can immediately find and track any improper access.

Provide a unique ID for each user

A unique access authentication guarantees for critical data and system operation is authorized by the user and can be allocated to each user tracking.

Login is the first line of defense to protect the Windows network data. By preventing concurrent logins, we can determine the access only from a person. To prevent concurrent logins, so at the same time also to have a person to log, so as to prevent a malicious user to steal the effective authentication information impersonate the user login. Because of this, users share the password might affect your own login, so it can reduce the user password freely sharing occurs.

Regular monitor and test networks

For many shopping malls, offices, the company headquarters or by remote access, tracking and monitoring of all requirements for the cardholder data and related cyber source access. WhileUserLockAndFileAuditCan provide a large number of reports, can help these units are shown in accordance with the relevant standards of evidence in accepting the supervision of audit.

Implementation of access control strategy through the formulation and custom, you canLimit and manage user access. UserLock for all logins and session events continued monitoring, and real-time dashboard and warning, with detailed charts of the report, and according to the type of conversation (workstations, terminals, interactive devices, Wi-Fi or VPN) tracking authorized users, ensuring network security and visibility.

A variety of standard custom reports based on guaranteedAuditing the security and compliance. Through the centralized and filing of one or more Windows network file access events, FileAudit is always visible and searchable audit security.

FileAudit provides audit data

(see map)

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