The blue color layout design using, make your site out of the ordinary!

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Friends Hello, blue design today and share with you how to make your site design out of the ordinary: clever use of color layout. Please friends enjoy, the following material.!

Each navigation has a bright color, and the corresponding sub page also has a different background color, the moment can feel a rush of fashion and passion, what do you see?

#E02E42 and different gray black and white color, simple icon icon, create an elegant, pleasant atmosphere, flatUI, natural arranged fillet two navigation menu, fresh and lively, have to stay here a little longer feeling about it? Sometimes, management is more complex than the simple design is more important.~:)

This site will tell you what is called stick out a mile! Sometimes, hide and seek is annoyed…

In this screen, the middle, and even left home page exist everywhere in the Web era, this page is not very chic? Is not very dense? Isn't it... Beauty? See the clever layout header text, have taken their head impulse?

This... The recent limelight very flourishing, implied content is virtual background pictures, div block placed above the text, translucent, some pages will add a layer of dark lines, do not do the introduction~

Mentioned that before the Webpage, flash do, those dice stereo tumbling, smoky, suggest to feel,
If not dynamic, background images with color navigation, is quite a good design~

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This page is not a lot of color elements, but... There is a large amount of information. It is listed here is the reason: I found it at the top of the navigation into a tab style, the whole page have administrative levels feeling, very unique, have found that search is very bright?

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On this page, I just want to say two things: 1, shading often decide a Webpage aura and grade; 2, traditional Chinese characters in the title is not even more full and fabulous? 3, I never see this is set up with WordPress.…

Obviously. This discussion with our title color also it doesn't matter... But, I find it necessary to share…

In order to make the lazy page more fully displayed, Xiaobian omitted content more intermediate, specially for the two picture<img>The addition of the border, for everyone to enjoy together... Have you ever seen such Webpage? Jane: Yes or no…

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Something in the end

In fact, no matter what the wind page, look long will visual fatigue, so, when you see the last one, you may feel very comfortable... Our eyes need rest, wind multiple customizable; just is kingcraft, expect the web to bring us more and more wonderful experience.

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Posted by Hobart at December 13, 2013 - 6:23 PM