Give you eight minutes to get dedeCMS (dedecms)

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First minutes _dedeCMS overview

CMS content management system (DedeCms) in a simple, practical, open source., Is the PHP open source website management system the most well-known, Also the use of most users of class PHP CMS system, The development has experienced more than two years, The current version in both functions, Or in the aspects of easy, Have great development, The main goal of user DedeCms free version of the lock in the individual stationmaster, Construct the function to focus more on a personal web site or small and medium-sized portal, Of course, there are some enterprise users and schools in the use of the system. CMS content management system (DedeCms) architecture based on PHP+MySQL, Completely open source technology architecture with strong and stable, Whether you are a small website plan at present, Still want to let site in growing after the system can still be easily expand are fully guaranteed.

For more information: dedecms       _ encyclopedia.

Second minutes to install _dedeCMS

Operating system: Windows 7

Download and install the PHP runtime environment: WAMP5

Download the dedeCMS:      I download is: dedeCMS V5.7

After decompression into the WWW directory Wamp:

Run the WAMP, open the browser input: http://localhost:2000/install/ installation

Third minutes _ CMS into the background

After the success of the installation, can enter the backstage backstage management operation interface landing

Here to say is:

At first, the interface is very strange, just know that the interface has many functions, but not very clear they do use...

I used dedeCMS to do a website, so the function is not a lot.

Fourth minutes _ core

Here is the generation of Web site navigation, and could add article navigation... (here I emphasized, because I really like this idea... Here all the content navigation can use this form to express)

Here is the first step, at least I think so.

Fifth minutes _ system

In this column system, we need to set some of our system variables, here set the system variables, convenient to call us later in the process of flexible these variables

Sixth minutes _ template

In dedeCMS, the most flexible should be provided by the system template, here, we can put our page editing a template, then called....

More template tags:

Seventh minutes _ generation

In one minute, we write our own template, we need to use these templates, we can call these templates in the navigation column, the last generation of our page.

Here I need to emphasize is, here relates to the cache of the East, it is necessary for us to use: a key update web site --> update all... Because when I do, it met the caching problem, I can't believe I did wrong...

Eighth minutes _ preview page

The above are not wrong, you can browse your page is now....

Write at the end: dedeCMS is a good Dongdong, to the big guy here recommend.

More help

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Posted by Luke at October 28, 2013 - 12:05 AM