TexturePacker free registration code success

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TexturePacker is a very powerful tool for making the game.

It can be continuous motion picture together, a combination of images generated file and a plist file

You can according to the combination of the name of the picture directly call the combination of image file inside the corresponding frame pictures in cocos2dx engine

Very convenient, this software is free and paid version, free version of course can only use the most basic functions

But the author of TexturePacker Adreas is a very good person, you can apply for a free registration code on the site

Application for registration code

Only the following requirements:

My requirements to you are:

Try holding the psychological, with my CSDN blog should also apply to

Finally, an ad for TexturePacker:)

Future will have the opportunity to do a tutorial for Andreas TexturePacker

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Posted by Opera at December 12, 2013 - 2:08 PM