In Secure CRT, using the VIM as the switching window and solution the cursor dis

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I use Secure CRT, the emergence of such a problem: the use of vim programming process, often because of window switching and the cursor is not visible.

Analysis of the reasons, may use my version of the window8, my colleagues to use window7 do not have this problem.

Below is the solution I have personally used, cannot see the cursor before meeting, I could only close re entered, which leads to the use of vim is not easy.

This method is relatively good.

Method is actually very simple: click on the toolbar as long as any one of the options is OK, example: click on the file options, the cursor will appear.

So simple, solves the problem of the cursor.

Indeed, it is so simple.

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Posted by Drew at December 21, 2013 - 8:56 AM