Windows Phone 8 new function

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 Windows Phone 8 will be used with the Windows 8 (ARM) the same NT kernel, which means that WP8 will be compatible with Win8 (ARM) application, developers only need little modification to allow applications to run in the two platform.
1 hardware upgrade
  The WP8 system is obtained for the first time, a larger increase in the hardware, the processor.

WP8 will support dual core or multi-core processor, and the era of the WP7.5 only supports single core processor. WP8 supports three resolution: 800 x 480 (15:9 1280), X 720 (16:9) and 1280 x (768 15:9), WP8 screen support 720P or WXGA. Third point WP8 will support MicroSD expansion card, the user can install the software on a data card. At the same time, all Windows Phone 7.5 application will be fully compatible with Windows Phone 8.
The 2 browser improvements
  WP8's built-in browser upgrade to the mobile version of the IE10. Compared with Windows Phone 7.5 times, JavaScript performance by up to four times, HTML 5 performance increase 2 times.
The 3 game is more convenient
  A new WP8 kernel developers began to all native code (C and C++), the performance will be promoted, the game is based on DirectX, easy to transplant. In addition, WP8 first support under the frame of ARM Direct3D hardware acceleration, at the same time as the core mechanism based on the same.
4 support NFC Technology
  WP8 will support the NFC mobile communication technology, the function before the WP7 era is not. And through the NFC technology, WP8 can better between mobile phone, laptop, tablet will realize interoperation, sharing resources become more simple.
5 implementation of mobile payment and other functions
  Since the introduction of NFC technology, mobile wallet also appears in the WP8, support for credit cards and credit cards, and membership card and so on, also support NFC payment. Microsoft called "mobile wallet is the most complete experience". At the same time Microsoft for WP8 developed in app purchase service, also can pay through a mobile wallet.
The 6 map make only superficial changes
  This is perhaps the most surprising Microsoft WP8 change. The built-in WP8 map is no longer a Bing map, but Nokia map, map data will be provided by NAVTEQ. WP8 Nokia mobile phone map support offline view, Turn By Turn navigation function.
7 business and enterprise function
  Thanks to WP7.5 for commercial support is not comprehensive enough, so the mobile business in the WP8 era will be greatly improved, WP8 will support BitLocker encryption, secure boot, the LOB application deployment, equipment management, and mobile Office office etc.
8 new standby interface
  WP8 has a dynamic magnetic new paste interface, magnet can be divided into large and medium-sized mistress, and each color can be customized. The same

On the WP8 Maps Navigation and real-time in the main interface of the magnet block directly display.
9 support SD card
  In the Windows Phone7 era, mobile phone does not support WP7 SD card expansion, so the Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 increased the function, WP8 mobile phone support SD card expansion, but in the conference, Microsoft only demonstrates how to copy files to the SD card, did not indicate whether it can install application on the SD card.
  Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 dial OEM first cooperation factory

Business, respectively, will contain Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and HTC, further support throughout the development on the ground, and will also accelerate the update speed.
  But because the kernel changes, WP8 will not support the current WP7.5 system mobile phone all upgrades, and Microsoft for now WP7.5 mobile phone with a WP7.8 system, which is equipped with a new WP8, to comfort
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Posted by Tom at December 09, 2013 - 10:21 AM