Micro-blog Mini for Windows Phone 8 development of those things.

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Why do the software (hereinafter referred to as mini micro-blog)? It is always there is an idea, until time to share a technology inside, eldest brother ask you have any ideas in this section more leisure time. Someone mentioned to do some cool a little things, when music+ was born, and then emit do Lite micro-blog idea, also later in the idle time begin to develop, always get it, until now version. Function basically already, also not ready to add new functions.

Mini micro-blog pursuit is to follow the system consistent user experience, the goal is to provide connections than system in micro-blog better user experience, only black and white two theme, personal bias in the white theme (need to system theme is set to Light).

Features are as follows:

The 1 message center, view all news more convenient

2 micro-blog square, have a look at what you boring

3 browsing, sending a multigraph

4 browsing the packet micro-blog, sent to the specified group micro-blog

Don't ask me this software with the official client what difference, are their own children, why He Taiji.

You can see Chen Xiao's video recording, thank him for his time in his busy schedule to video recording.

Why not make WP7.x version?

In fact, when embarking on the development of mini micro-blog, a start up project is the 7.1 project files, also developed a simple version, including Lite micro-blog necessary function (the main flow of information, message center, packet micro-blog, search function, post comments forwarding). Running results slightly better than the official micro-blog client fluency, but experience did not imagine so good, the official micro-blog client to do a great deal of optimization, in some low-end machines also have a good user experience, a praise.

Since bought 920, have to give up the development of the 7.x version of the idea, the code migration to wp8 deployment to 920, found that the user experience with HD7 is a world of difference completely, so more firm 7.x versions do not mind. (7.x users do not blame, you can use the official micro-blog client, experience is quite good)

Product manager? The UI resource?

Bob turned to do product, what they say is, don't have to suffer the unreasonable demands? Don't take it seriously, just say.

Micro-blog Mini on my people, what have you to say, well, when in the development of how simple what to do, that feeling is really very good.

Product manager Windows Phone are generally transferred from Android and iOS, their Android and iOS design concept has a certain mode of thinking, so you can be found in the Windows Phone Store actually can be found with iOS long as like as two peas application.

A little Tucao, sometimes, design of product manager as a developer, Bob has various applications to deal with, and experience more ideas on Windows Phone application design, so sometimes see design unreasonable to argue against the next. Watercress to see an interesting we all hate the product manager, in fact, the product manager is also very not easy, in the team to face the various roles of hatred, development, testing, UI, I will not continue to pull hate.

About UI resources, micro-blog Mini from a page layout good official client and some pictures using the resources, and more from the Modern UI Icons icon and vector graphics. Of course, I also use the Expression Design.

Here are some I used UI resources: easyicon, loveui, mobile-pattern, fanggeben, dribbble, petals

Some development experience

1, "Kill"Appbar
ApplicationBar is independent of Sanjie monster, not like UIElement binding (although there are third party implementation), and Buttons, Menus in Insert new item problems.

For the application of micro-blog such information browse, put down a row of Appbar always occupied space, so in mini micro-blog you rarely see Appbar, not surprisingly, because I hate it.

Instead I chose IOS, Android PathMenu, JS radial menu reference implementation, interested to know JS friends can see the source code, it is not difficult to. Of course there are friends in Windows Phone to achieve a similar effect and open source.: Awesome Menu

QQThe picture20130605114539

2, The use of CustomMessageBox, fewer page Jump

In the era of the wp7.x, increased CustomMessageBox Microsoft official Toolkit, I really like the controls (although there are some known bug), using a mini in micro-blog. Mobile applications should allow the user to do the least amount of operation to complete a task.


3, The use of WebBrowser as a picture viewer

4, Use the async class library, can share code between the WP7, wp8, winrt

5, The network requests using compression (gzip compression of about 1/6 before)
Network request if the server supports compression and transmission, so we need to use compression client request, you can use the SharpGIS.GZipWebClient

6, Using the system resource, such as PhoneForegroundBrush

7, The use of ProgressIndicator as a network request tips or long task progress indication
Wrote the blog introduces a ProgressIndicator helper classes all progress which is the mini micro-blog prompts the technology used.

8, Use LongListSelector instead of ListBox

Virtual LongListSelector do better than ListBox, and the slide more smoothly. Can be a little package LongListSelector into a sliding bottom automatic loading control.

9, With the HttpClient network requests

10, Write simple elegant code

Some programs ape sometimes in order to realize a function, to write a lot of code, and then run it can run through, and then continues to achieve a function, and a large number of code. So when all the function is completed, he wanted to reconstruction, but found no way to start. When writing code to avoid such habits, my approach is the function block, and then one by one, each one will be refactoring code with different degrees of Review, such as soon as possible on the code review, written at a time when similar functions in the later, the preceding code does not need to change to multiplexing.

11, The rational use of transition animation

Once when technology sharing sharing feature a cartoon animation, will also be applied to the actual application (music+), the increase in the application of some transitions animation will make your application looks more smooth, more can let users like. Of course the system messages sent after the success of the animation used in mini micro-blog in.


Because of many objective causes program cannot be uploaded to the Microsoft market, please forgive me (yeah, I start not to upload to the market, enough of their own on the line), only partly can deploy Xap wp8 mobile phone can be used.

Some reach the party don't message said: ” can you put the source code to send me a copy? “ ”, for things like open source “….

Write the purpose of this paper is just some experience to share their development of mini micro-blog when, to Windows Phone developers a little inspiration, hope that WP developers can develop applications more quality.

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Posted by Len at November 28, 2013 - 5:56 PM